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USSR Armoured Deck | Advice?

Posted: Wed 21 Jan 2015 00:13
by SkullCollector
'evening, folks.

I could use some help building this deck of mine. It's my first one.

As an armour-centred deck, it's obviously supposed to sport a fair number of tanks; yet I feel I have too many. Way too many. The thing is that I don't really know what else to put in.
When I encounter huge land forces, I usually get sniped by TOWs and other ATGMs. It seems as though they are unscoutable, but my miserable tactics are not what I came for. What do I use to counter and trump long-range ATGMs in a USSR-themed deck?
The next match, someone air-rushed with cheap helos, stunned all my ground forces with rocket barrages and finished them off with Hellfires. I then modify it to contain more AA (not just radar-based) and I still get bumrushed. Welp.


Please share your thoughts. Also feel free to advise on strategic matters or on how to use specific units effectively, and when to deploy them.



Re: USSR Armoured Deck | Advice?

Posted: Wed 21 Jan 2015 00:35
by KattiValk
Welcome to the forums! :)

    -Insufficient BMP-1D.
    -Taking anything in a 75 point transport is a sin. Especially comrade Spetz.
    -Shilkas are useless in ALB, and Strelas are...maginally useful at best.
    -Live by the Nona creed. That is, if there's a Nona in Armored, which there should be IIRC but I could be wrong.
    -T-72s are generally worthless in ALB. Use T-64s in place of all of those T-72s.
    -T-55AM2 is fairly good but the AM is worthless.
    -You need at least one helicopter recon (unless Soviet armored doesn't have one).
    -Praise BMPT and Buratino based gods.
    -Take an Su-27S. It's a great tool for eradicating helicopters, as it can fly around helo openings and snipe multiple targets due to the low altitude and wide angle for lock on.
NATO doesn't get the luxury of long ranged ATGMs. TOWs have pissy range. Simply spam Kokons and laugh at them.

Re: USSR Armoured Deck | Advice?

Posted: Wed 21 Jan 2015 01:17
by SkullCollector
I might like it here.

- What is the benefit of the BMP-1D other than its anti-heli capabilities? I used the 1P for its ATGM.
- Roger. Changed that section entirely to sport Konkurs.
- What should I use instead of the Shilkas and Strelas? More Tunguskas?
- Do I not need long-range tube arty?
- A'ight.
- A'ight.
- A'ight.
- Praise be.
- A'ight.


Cheers so far. Keep pouring delicious help.

Re: USSR Armoured Deck | Advice?

Posted: Sat 24 Jan 2015 04:37
by KattiValk
Whoops, I forgot about this thread. :oops:

-The 1D is a dedicated infantry grinder. It has a grenade launcher that is far too good at stun locking infantry.
-Konkurs are fairly useless IMO. Just take Spetnaz in cheap transports.
-That's a fairly nice set of AA provided you turn them off most of the time to avoid SEAD retribution.
-You can get MSTA is you like, but it's not necessary.
-You could also look to get an ATGM plane.