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Re: Romanian language's flag added

Posted: Wed 25 Sep 2013 23:30
by pakostene
[EUG]MadMat wrote:Yes, of the three Pact countries (Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria) left out of the game, Romania would be the oly one with some originality, due to it taking some distances from the USSR and getting Western (especially French 8-) ) equipment or developing its own variants. A bit like Yugoslavia.
But for the same reason, Romania would hardly be willing to fight a war for the USSR, despite being a WP country. It even refused to participate in WP manoeuvers.

Problem is that adding the Southern Europe nations, be they NATO (Turkey, Greece) or Pact (Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria), would hardly bring a dozen really new vehicles alltogether. Only Italy would stand aside ... and the JNA, although the latter is unaligned.

Thanks MadMat for considering it.

Pentru concetatzeni: daca ma vedeti in joc, adaugati-ma ca prieten.
Eu mai stiu de inca 2 romani prin joc. O sa le zic sa treaca pe aici

Re: Romanian language's flag added

Posted: Thu 6 Mar 2014 13:08
by steppewolf
O sa te adaug eu cand mai intru, din pacate am tot mai putin timp dar m-am reapucat sa joc de ceva vreme. Caut un partener sa joc online si sa invat jocul; deocamdata ma chinui cu campania; daca ma vezi online, adauga-ma te rog.