Strange things

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Strange things

Postby GorgorB » Thu 13 Apr 2017 00:39

How recon works ? Sometimes your recon unit is perfectly hide in the wood, 1 second later you have been destroyed... why, who, how that is the question 'cause you haven't see nothing and what can destroy you in 1s and be stealth (except arty/planes) ?

Air battle : are the americans and scotish planes necesseraly better than germans on dog fight ? Cause most part of time the result is in ally favor.
Ally AA: I can repulse german's planes, with german aa ally's planes get through...

When can we have access to the officials unit stats (not the hide one) 'cause for the moment there is lot of weird things during the battles. :?

Last thing: my 3 last battles (at least) hadn't be record is it a server bug or what ?

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