"Back in Black" update is now available!

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"Back in Black" update is now available!

Postby eug_begonia » Wed 22 Nov 2017 16:39

"Back in Black", the seventh free update for Steel Division: Normandy 44, is now available! It features 6 new units to deploy on the battlefield (read the full article about them here), as well as the 2v2 versions of the new Attack/Defense scenarios, balancing, and new features & fixes.

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • 2 infantry units:
    • Volontaires (2e DB)
    • Ox & Bucks (6th Airborne)
  • 2 vehicles:
    • Sherman IC Firefly (1. Pancerna)
    • 10,5cm leFH18 ausf Lorraine (21. Panzer)
  • 1 artillery gun:
    • leFH 18M (716. Infanterie)
  • 1 plane:
    • F-6C (3rd Armored)

  • Cheux and Colombelles maps are now playable in 2v2 games.
  • Fixed a bug preventing to save Breakthrough solo games.
  • In games versus AI: destruction points to reach by the defenders have been changed to fit AI level
  • Improved AI in Breakthrough games: it now has a more complex attacking or defending behavior

  • Moved long-range artillery (except mortars and MLRS) from phase A to phase B for the Attacker
    Existing player's decks are still valid but will be automatically modified

  • Loading a quicksave (F8) now displays the save menu
  • In the Battlegroup lists, a filter allows players to display only "classic" or Breakthrough decks

  • “FX quality” is now correctly set on insane graphics preset (Game needs to be restarted)
  • Fixed some lag and speed problems while observing 10vs10 games
  • Fixed some rare desynchronizations
  • Fixed some rare crashes

  • Unified Sherman gun accuracy and AP (5acc, 11AP)
  • Renamed all Allied Firefly by "Firefly Vc" because of the new polish "Firefly Ic" (free new unit)

3rd Armored Division
  • Added packs of 6 veteran Sherman 75 in phase C

4th Armored Division
  • Increased Hellcat price from 100 to 110
  • Increased M4 (75) Abrams price from 130 to 145
  • Increased B-26B-10 Marauder price from 120 to 130

2nd Infantry Division
  • Reduced Sherman DD XP by one step in phase A

Guard Armored:
  • Increased Tempest fighters XP by one step

1st Special Service Brigade
  • Increased Sherman DD price from 110 to 125

21. Panzer
  • Moved PzH39 to support tab as direct fire unit
  • Increased PzH39 frontal armor from 3 to 4
  • Replaced PzH39 by 105mm Lorraine in its role
  • Reduced Brummbar FAV from 14 to 12
  • Reduced Brummbar gun accuracy from 5 to 3
  • Reduced Brummbar gun power to match other 150m gun
  • Changed Brummbar availability (1x1 in A, 2x2 in B)

16. Luftwaffe Feld Division
  • Reduced 88mm flak veterancy by one step in phase A
  • Regrouped Bef Stug in a single pack of 2 in phase C

Thanks for reading, enjoy the Normandy!

Note for modders: You will need to generate and upload your updated mod to make it compatible with this new version.

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