New devisions in mod divisions list

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Re: New devisions in mod divisions list

Postby Stukoke » Wed 22 Nov 2017 17:54

I cannot express my disappointment with the choice not to allow DLC content to be modded. It to myself makes absolutely no sense as games are often kept alive by their modding communities. I am honestly trying to grasp why Eugen Systems would make such an anti modding choice in a game in this day and age. I will say this politely as I can. I would have purchased the game and the DLC's for myself and my sons. Until Eugen Systems takes it's proverbial head out of the sand I will not spend a single cent further on this game. It is that simple. Very disappointing Eugen Systems. I hope the stance on this changes very soon or paying customers will look for friendlier companies to spend their money with as this game dies the same death so many other games have. :evil:

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