Publi-city Work (moral, away from panic to calm)

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Publi-city Work (moral, away from panic to calm)

Postby KampfKeksKrieger » Fri 24 Aug 2018 08:57

(I know its german, in this case, but you dont need to understand what they say, its just the banner; because thats just an example; to show you how someone can do it. maybe there are ways to translate, or subtitles look on your own; still I can recommend to follow the content because this is very central text about the backgrounds why a developer in motivated to do publicity work and they discuss different approaches, storys and what has happened to them and directly say their truth about how they do marketing to the people how and why. NOT want to promote foreign things here, its just the general procession with the 2 sides.)

Muhaha, I have a great surprise for you, a piranha bite. we eat you now.

Maybe a joke, but I have seen its a great Idea.

The sentences at the beginning were great:
Earlier you had game paper magazins to help developers spread their games, and now, few people read them anymore,
and this decided the developers of my country, the piranha bytes, maybe a 30 crew men I think even smaller than you, but thats from memory and can change; still, such a small crew decided to do some videos on themselves, to publish their game, give information to the people, by regulary basis.
They have their name - piranha pool tv, well scratchy name, but lets stay on the root:

This would be a key for developers to present themselves in a faster or slower period, to promote their own doing, and with the communication, hand out understanding, and reasonability for the this or that decisions and working away the questions, as far as they keep plausible, or defend yourself if they arent.

I have seen many happenings in the last lets say 2-3 years when people did answer to that they get insulted or talked at from the wrong side, and they answered just that they cant, and that they dont find it okay, and that they have certain circumstances (and which) to behave like they do, and they ask for understanding and wish the best for all. They also sort out what they dont like, which is a very important process, because the clarification, even if its a no, can make friends (and convince, because you are honest).

the friend of the normandy is the bocage. the friend of kane is - well it is to find out, and the friend of the players is if they see the developers concerning about their needs, requests and general desires, which makes absolute warm atmosphere between the inner side and the outer side.

What you are doing on your blog is good. everybody likes you (to) hear, and is happy if there is something new to say. Of course, they come with the saint martins rod if its too less. but they and you cant change it. But dont care for that. because the things THAT you have distract from the ominous future that everything is black. this gives moral, away from panic to calm :-)

And could sustain your influence.

This is just a suggestion, and aN example:

that I really liked. If you want you can talk about it.
For those who abuse my suggestion too hard: you get no wargame 4.

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