WG modding suite Tutorial documentation

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WG modding suite Tutorial documentation

Postby Ivan » Sun 31 Mar 2019 16:33

Hello , I am ready to begin really sitting down and reading a tutorial on WG modding suite.
but i can not find a solid training reference online regarding how to pull up instances for both units and related features ,
I am sure there used to be a tutorial linked to wiki or something.
So far ive just moved pre existing values around just to test my understanding.
I went from :everything:T:allunits then then using a pre written down list
i type clicked on instance :9085 (bringing up the T80U
so for example I gave a (T80U the same armour value on all sides top and bottom. )
increased its deck availability from 3 to 10 and changed its price ..all this works so that test shows me i am on the right track.
while i was in this stage i also wrote down the movement handler and weapon manager reference,s
but when i then went to look these up of course these numbers did not exist leaving me completely at a loss.
obviously i do not understand the modding suite beyond the point i just described.
For my next challenge I want to alter the speed and altitude a plane will fly..
The RAVEN for example is instance 9309 movement handler:15533 weapon manger 15534 but none seem to be found if i look them up.
There must be a good guide on how to search and change things better surely ?
thanks for reading

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