How to fix no time limit games withouth doing a time limit

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How to fix no time limit games withouth doing a time limit

Postby praslovan » Wed 1 May 2019 22:12

So, games that are 1 hour and a half long are not fun. They are bland in late game and feel just like GoT episode 3 in season 8 (ie. horrible).

So how to fix it?
There are two main options IMO to address this:

a) no air call-ins past 1 hour mark... we can come up with a reason for that like bad weather, shift in the theatre of war so air units become unavailable.. something

b) add supplies for air units (I'm more inclined towards this) either through:
- a supplies dump unit "airfield depot" basically an on airfield supply truck which can be in support tab or in AIR tab. IMO I would put it in support tab, since that is where the logistics is.


- when you call in your last supply truck that automatically disables supplies for airfield as well (would make sense since you draw supplies from a "central depot" for your division) problem with this one is that then you would also need to make so that certain number of sorties remove a supply truck from your pool, otherwise someone smart simply won't call in the last truck and will have again infinite bombing runs. Would be super cool though this one.

Well, ground units have a good limiter... supplies. You will start to run out of supplies at about 1 hour and some minutes if you use artillery.
I think we should be careful about the availability of supply trucks, but I would say that they are about OK as they are right now. Maybe some fine tuning is in order.

The problem are units that don't run out of supplies. Air units. From the standpoint of mechanics, they are fundamentally unbalanced considering how games are set up now - with no time limit. This reflects in the fact that if you are left with more bombers at 1:XX in the game, you will win at one point.

Why? You are forced to bring supplies with your ground units if you want to last past phase B in a decent fight. Air units on the other hand are completely immune to the fact of supplies. AA guns that are decent are more scarce than actual planes as well.

Does that make sense or is it fair? I would say unlimited air sorties don't make sense. So here is a fix. It will all come down to how well you manage your army without forcing a time limit down anyone's throat.

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Re: How to fix no time limit games withouth doing a time limit

Postby Rocksitter » Tue 7 May 2019 21:26

Great point supplies for air is a good idea...

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Re: How to fix no time limit games withouth doing a time limit

Postby Destraex » Sat 11 May 2019 07:15

I'd simply make sure that air asset turn around times were based on distance to the airfield and re-armament times.
You can have them back. But it is more likely you will have to buy new ones instead. The ones you used will come back but it may be 30 minutes. For the non STOL forward airbase aircraft it will be longer. So don't expect them back at all.

Alternatively just limit aircraft to following a forward observers lead. The idea being that the forward observer calls for air support from the available pool that is in the area.

Another idea is to delay the air support instead of it being instantaneous.

If it is to be as simple as supply. I would just limit the amount of call ins to 3 per card or something. Simulating a full squadron taking turns to come in and attack or just a limitation on fuel for cannon armed aircraft. Still have the recharge time but limit the number of calls to aircraft for support per card. Perhaps you get the card back after an hour of refuelling at home base after all the aircraft in the card have been exhausted... that would mean aircraft cards would be worth aircraft more BUT you could only get one pass with each call in.

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