Beta Review Feedback

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Beta Review Feedback

Postby Lemar » Tue 4 Jun 2019 10:41

I've played only skirmish against AI, so my feedback is based on this experience.
Overall I enjoyed the game and the changes from Steel division 1 but there are some things I would like to see changes if possible.

I find myself often not able to handle the amount of micro tasking, like for instance:
    I've never used smoke grenades from any unit or
    I'm too focused on one side of the map just to go back to the other side just to find out that half of my well organized defense is gone (due to some bombers or whatever)

Three things would be helpful here.
a) I would like to give permission to a unit to use smoke grenades
b) Artillery can switch to auto mode where it fires automatically
c) I would like to hand over a selection of my units to the AI so that when I'm focused on microing units on the left side of the map, selected units on the right side would be controlled by the AI, but I also would like to be able to revert the control back to myself if needed

Some other small things that I would like to see:
Tanks never seem to miss a shot (besides shots bouncing off) but it should be harder to hit a target if it is moving fast, shouldn't it?
It seems that their is no difference between if the target is moving fast or standing still in terms of hit or miss.

Generally I would like the Steel division series to go more in a direction where I have the overall command over a division/battlegroup which means that I set the overall strategy and pace of battle for my division, objective for a selection of units and where it becomes less important to control each unit individually, it is just to much microing for my taste.
How could this be archieved... I would like to focus more on attack, defense order for larger groups of units and more focus on combining different units like artillery barrage before attack etc. than having to give this order to every single unit.
More detail: we have already this thing called attack beacon, defense beacon which right now is only a marker on the map. It would be nice I could set a selection of units to follow/execute what the marker says. So for instance I set a attack marker on the right side of the map, then group select 2-4 tanks, 2-4 infantry squads I would like to order them to execute the what the attack marker says. If then my attack becomes stuck I would like the set a defense marker. What I don't want, is to tell every single unit behind which tree or house to hide etc. Then there should also be a artillery marker, where then my artillery begins to fire at. No more single targeting and microing of units. I know that this is a total new approach towards real time strategy gaming...
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Re: Beta Review Feedback

Postby KillaJules » Tue 4 Jun 2019 16:02

Lemar wrote:Two things would be helpful here.
a) I would like to give permission to a unit to use smoke grenades

This is a good idea. Units with smoke grenades should have a toggle-able command, which when turned on, causes them to drop smoke concealment if they get suppressed or receive damage.

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