Blue Dragons lacking in infantry AT

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Re: Blue Dragons lacking in infantry AT

Postby Nick Echo » Wed 3 Apr 2019 18:39

ardi223 wrote:They dont have the best RPGs in game but they are not lacking in that division by no means.

Yes they are. Besides korean marines 90 who have a pzf 3, and are available only in the useless marine deck, the best AT is 10 rof 18 ap carl gustav. And its very mediocre versus many targets. Anything thats 14 armor or above requires 4!! hits to kill. Not only you are at a disadvantage when fighting other motorised decks, you get rolled over by all red decks who bring an autoloaded 4he (any t72 variant) tank and micro them at least half way decently, while supporting them with infantry. Even regular motorstrelki are more than enough in many cases. Armored deck players, who usualy are very wary about going into the forests, can just attack move any tank thats 18 armor+ (10 hits needed from 18 ap carl gustav) without any problems, as long as they have their flanks covered.

If you use the regular training infantry, they get supressed and dispatched with ease. If you use elites, they simply don't pack enough punch with that carl gustav, and you will lack numbers to win a fight versus anyone using even mediocre armor in support. You would never be able to pull that off versus other blue infantry based decks - at4, law80, pzf3, israeli smaw, all of those would make short work of you.

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Re: Blue Dragons lacking in infantry AT

Postby Fodder » Sat 20 Apr 2019 17:51

Japan received PZF 3 in 1989, Japan can get that as a new AT weapon

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Re: Blue Dragons lacking in infantry AT

Postby QUAD » Thu 6 Jun 2019 04:26

SDF in Syria uses the Pzf3, Japan could use an upgrade like that. And a blouse? Cest trop pour mes femmes :)
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