Steel Division 2 : Patch 1.2

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Steel Division 2 : Patch 1.2

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Thu 11 Jul 2019 15:51

* Decreased accuracy during straffing run.
* Decreased AA 20mm & 25mm range (2500-> 2000m)
* Decreased AA damages on aircraft's frontal armor.
* Set all IS-2 & ISU's DSHk loadout at 250 rounds.
* Increased all 80-82mm mortars (including side-car mounted ones)'s price from 50 to 60. (announced but not delievered in previous patch)
* Increased all 120mm mortars' price from 70 to 80. (announced but not delievered in previous patch)
* Improving the LoS tool display
* Heavy supply vehicles rework: those vehicles have been removed from the SUPP category and added as transport choice for artillery guns & heavy AA/AT guns. Remember than when you bring a supply as transport, it will not only re-supply the guns in ammo, but also STAY on the battlefield and thus allow for quick redeployment. All heavy supply vehicles' loadout has been set down at 5000, their price dropped to 15 and their availability set at 8. The vehicles concerned are:
--> Maultier Mun. for the Germans.
--> (new) Matador supply variant for the British & Canadian.
--> (new) Pavesi supply variant for the Hungarians.
--> (new) STZ-5 tractor for the Soviet armored & mechanized divisions, and lend-leased Matador for the infantry & cavalry divisions (both models only used in the campaigns so far).

* Removed German Laffly V-15T's Hotchkiss' AP rounds, on par with the previous change about 12,7mm HMG.
* Increased German PzH 39H(f) 105mm's MG rounds from 80 to 3100.
* Decreased Hungarian Schwarloze MG's price from 25 to 20.
* Renamed Hungarian Pavesi P4 (Italian designation) into M28 Pavesi (proper Hungarian designation)

* all variants of SU-76's top armor changed from Strong to Weak, being open top.
* Increased ISU-122's armor values to that of its IRL twin, the ISU-152, but RoF decreased from 4 to 3. Price increased from 115 to 120.
* IS-2 obr. 1943's main gun changed from D-25T to A-19, meaning RoF decreased from 4 to 3, but accuracy increased from 30 to 40%. No price change.
* Increased IS-2 obr. 1944's accuracy from 30 to 45%. Price increased from 155 to 165.
* Soviet SU-57's loadout now includes 20 HE rounds. Price increased from 45 to 50.
* Soviet Valentine IX's loadout now includes 15 HE rounds. Price increased from 50 to 55.
* (9Cav) Adding two cards of A-19 122mm howitzers. (only used in the campaigns so far).
* (Scot) Loyd Carrier added as transport option for the 6-pdr gun.

* 26th Guards Tank Brigade' rifle battalion's missing designation ("??") replaced with proper one (130th Mot. Rifle Battalion). Credit goes to piratepengu for finding it.
* Allowing to select an enemy battlegroup to check its content when a battle is met.
* Displaying a battalion's combat strength when highlighted

* Rehaul aircraft's weapons interface display.
* Fix various unit models.
* Fix Marcel Albert's Yak-9T's price discrepancy in tactical game: it was 110 in the armory but 100 ingame. Price fixed at 110.
* Fix Soviet WLA Kombat not correcting artillery shot despite having a radio.
* Fix German Pak 97/38 75mm's side view.
* Fix Hungarian Felderítő Járőr's RTS icon.
* Fix Canadian 4,2-inch mortar's phase C availability.
* Fix autocover in trenches for MGs
* Fix SdKfz. 251/16's display bug showing only one flamethrower instead of two (but the two were there and in working order)
* Fix Marder III's HE gun which worked as an howitzer & had a minimal range of 500m
* Complete hidding of the gamma mode in windowed mode
* Random map selection now takes into account the number of open slots.
* Fix a crash in skirmish when a player is disconnected
* Fix a display bug with the phases' letters (A, B & C) in Army General
* Fix some AI skirmish suicidal behaviour
* Fix a LoS bug on some maps (2x2_Lacs, 3x2_Beshankovichy, 3x2_Marecages, 3x2_West_bobrujsk et 4x2_Lenina)
* Fix a loop when a failure occurs during the removal of a save game
* Fix a bug occuring when only AI are selected on the player's side in Army General, generating a (very) long deployment time
* Fix a bug preventing the AI to attack only with support unit

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Re: Steel Division 2 : Patch 1.2

Postby Mister Maf » Thu 11 Jul 2019 20:45

Well, glad I got some time in spamming fighters to strafe with while I could. :D

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Re: Steel Division 2 : Patch 1.2

Postby Joss_Well » Mon 15 Jul 2019 06:54

It has been almost a month since the release of the game
I was subscribed to the newsletter but still have not received the code on Marcel Albert,what's the matter?

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