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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby Sireyn » Wed 13 Jan 2021 17:20

A.l.p.4.a.I1.a.l.e wrote:
Sireyn wrote:
A.l.p.4.a.I1.a.l.e wrote:I opened ZZ_Win.dat, but it's empty. Why?

Which one were you trying to open?

430000564\430000574 : Interface Ingame
430000210 : Campaign Dialogue
430000587\430000609 : Campaign Battlegroups
510049986\510053208 : Main menu hashes
510053208\510057270 : Interface Outgame

510064564\510117426 : Most everything
510060540\510061340 : Most everything

That`s 510117426\510117427

For me that is empty. Normally that would be the "most everything" ZZ_Win, so try opening one of the ones I listed and let me know.

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