Post your deck!

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Re: Post your deck!

Postby ch3cooh » Wed 22 Jan 2014 18:16

There are no "secret decks" that magically win the battle anyway.

Here are 2 of my decks for very long Total Destruction Games:

No Time Limit? Nato mixed CatB:


60min: USSR national CatA:


They are fun for me, but it really depends on your style.

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Re: Post your deck!

Postby Chaos1Actual » Sun 2 Feb 2014 08:49

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Re: Post your deck!

Postby Dave47 » Mon 10 Feb 2014 04:36

E: Wrong thread. D'oh.
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Re: Post your deck!

Postby CandyMan » Mon 10 Feb 2014 09:17

Back with a play tested and updated DDR armored deck here. I have a new love for the simple mig21mf. Unlike cluster bombs that take precious seconds to fall and explode, and do nothing to infantry, rockets are almost instant strike killing/stun panicking aa units before they get their second shot off. This typically leads to your planes surviving to attack again, and concentrated strikes on their aa including man-pads, can crack open their aa net for elite hinds to go to work.
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Re: Post your deck!

Postby Isle » Tue 11 Feb 2014 05:41

Hi guys and girls,

Since I am a beginner, I tried to build a decent basic PACT and NATO deck for playing vs. other players/(AI with friends) in destruction mode (mostly 10 vs 10, since I feel too noobie to ruin "smaller" games ;) ) I read some guides and watched some youtube videos to get a starting point, though I have trouble finding those after the patch.

PACT ... 3A0610752/

based on Attila16 youtube guide
NATO ... 8B55DD370/

Any suggestions (preferably with reasoning ) are highly welcomed.


Isle from Germany

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Re: Post your deck!

Postby Gneckes » Tue 11 Feb 2014 18:28

Isle wrote:Hi guys and girls,

Since I am a beginner, I tried to build a decent basic PACT and NATO deck for playing vs. other players/(AI with friends) in destruction mode (mostly 10 vs 10, since I feel too noobie to ruin "smaller" games ;) ) I read some guides and watched some youtube videos to get a starting point, though I have trouble finding those after the patch.

PACT ... 3A0610752/

based on Attila16 youtube guide
NATO ... 8B55DD370/

Any suggestions (preferably with reasoning ) are highly welcomed.


Isle from Germany

Hello and welcome from a fellow German!
First of all, I'd say to stop worrying and get into some smaller games- 2v2 to 5v5 maybe. Hit me up on Steam if you want to play or something.

As for your decks, here's my advice for the USSR one:

- consider getting an FOB
- i'd be getting the Konkurs and Iglas as Trained not Hardened, but I guess this works too
- consider the BMP-3 instead of the BMP-2obr 1986
- I'd definitely get Trained Strela-10M instead of Hardened
- i'd get either the Vasilek or Nona-SVK instead of the MT-LB 82mm. THe Vasilek has worse ROF on paper, but fires in a very quick 4-round burst- very nice for shoot&scoot and nice volume of fire on target. The Nona-SVK in turn has better range and damage as well as great accuracy, but suffers from low ammo count.
- tanks seem good, tho I would consider using the T-80BV instead of T-64BV, T-64BM instead of T-64B and replacing the T-72 with the BMP-685 (great cavalry tank with amazing accuracy and good ROF), tho you have the Zhalo to fill that role already, so... not sure.
- Vehicles seem good, tho if you get the BMP-685, replace the Zhalo with an ATGM carrier.
- Having the Ka-50 AND Mi-28 seems redundant. I prefer the Mi-28 myself.
- solid plane selection, tho you may want a tank-killing plane in there such as the Su-25T or Mig-27K/M. Also, consider the Yak-38 instead of the -38M for the awesomeness that is Napalm.

For the NATO:
- I'd recommend some cheap 10HP command vehicles instead of going all command tanks. Also, a FOB and maybe a supply helicopter instead of 3 cards of trucks.
- Not a fan of the Mountaineers, tho they aren't bad. Try getting some IFVs (german Marders and US Bradleys are good) and some helicopter infantry (maybe French Legion or RiMa).
- i'd recommend the Flakpanzer Gepard instead of the Oeil Noir, and some other artillery instead of the Abbot. Maybe the german 120mm mortar or the swedish BKAN.
- I like your tank and recon choices!
- Helicopters are good!
- Planes: I feel that having the F/A-18A and Tornado IDS is redundant as they do the same thing. so you could fill taht slot with a variety of options:
- air-superiority fighters such as the F-15A or Tornado ADV F2
- SEAD such as the Wild Weasel
- anti-infantry, such as any HE bomber (the Norwegian F-16 is quite nice) or the US Skyhawks
- a helo hunter such as the Canadian F-5 or German F-4F.

THere you go, hope that helps!
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Re: Post your deck!

Postby Isle » Wed 12 Feb 2014 03:47

Thankyou very much for all the info.
Actually I screwed up the link for the NATO deck and posted a Conquest deck I took out of the Youtube channel of german Lets´ player ReviewGameX.
So here is the one I build: ... 39F4B2658/

However, most of your suggestions still fit and I will definetely try them out. Also I like to thank Raventhefuhrer for all his effort following my request in the Newbie Thread.

Have fun playing guys,


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Re: Post your deck!

Postby Zel_Zeret » Wed 12 Feb 2014 06:44

Isle wrote:Hi guys and girls,

Since I am a beginner, I tried to build a decent basic PACT and NATO deck for playing vs. other players/(AI with friends) in destruction mode (mostly 10 vs 10, since I feel too noobie to ruin "smaller" games ;) ) I read some guides and watched some youtube videos to get a starting point, though I have trouble finding those after the patch.

PACT ... 3A0610752/

based on Attila16 youtube guide
NATO ... 8B55DD370/

Any suggestions (preferably with reasoning ) are highly welcomed.


Isle from Germany

Logistics: Like said above, FOB is missing. Mi-26s are nice to have but I never used them and never missed them. Applys to supply helos overall. I prefer the 'standard' supply truck with 750-1000l capacity, cheap if you need only one (like for refueling a certain unit), easily stackable. Use 'Move Fast' and keep the supply chain up! Also, a CV should gain points and not fight. A normal UAZ-CV does the job imo. Also, 1 slot of CVs is enough (means that the T-72K1 are not worth it)

Infantry: Consider taking out the VDV for Spetsnaz or instead of 1 recon infantry, for the awesomeness Spetsnaz provide in forests and infantry vs. infantry fights. Also, maybe take the BMP-3 instead of the BMP-2 obr.1986 and the Mi-17 instead of the Mi-24A. Falangas are not worth it.

Support: I don't really see any use in the Strela 10-M and Tunguskas. Biryusas do the job just as good, especially with the great accuracy of their gun. Also, as I had to experience in a low-point server just a few minutes ago, at distances closer than 1km, a Biryusa WILL kill an M3 Bradley. Panick him, Stun him, Reload, Finish him. Also I would take either 2S7 Pion or 2S7M Malka instead of mortar tanks, simply because I usually only use artillery to snipe something (perhaps the low-hovering AH-64? or a command vehicle? or maybe just that annoying Marder Roland 2?)

Tanks: Not happy with your tank choice .. not at all. T-55A and T-72 are imo a waste of points. Sure they're very cheap and have no other use other than killing light armored stuff. But the BMP-685 excels much better at that. The T-62M-1 also provides better firepower and nearly the same armor in exchange for top speed. I'd take a T-55AM2 (if mobility is important) or a T-62M-1 over the T-72. T-64B is a solid choice, very good tank for it's price.
T-64BV also sounds like a solid choice, eventhough the difference between it and the T-80BV is marginal. I understand that T-80s are more often primary target, however, that can also be an advantage (like luring expensive high-end ATGM helos into ur AA)

Recon: You got to ask yourself one question - do I really need the most expensive transport? Sure, helos will move ur recon faster from point a to point b. But the prices .. me personally, I use Spetsnaz VMF with the BTR-60PB and the Razvedka with the Mi-8T, as I don't see any use in transports other than

Vehicle: If you really need another 'cheap recon'-killer, take the 2S15 Norov instead of the BTR-70 Zhalo. sure it's a bit less accurate, but the RoF more than makes up for that. Consider taking a BRDM-2 Konkurs, altho I'm not sure what to exchange with it .. probably the Ka-50 Akula and the T-72K1.

Helicopters: I'd rather take 2 Veteran-Mi-28s instead of 3 Hardened. I'd keep them hidden until I see an enemy tank rush and increase the lethality of their Ataka-V missiles as much as I can. Also, lonely Mi-28 is sad Mi-28 and 3 Mi-28s in a group is one too much. One missile at a time is not enough and 3 are a waste of ressources.

Planes: I dislike AP-cluster bombs aswell as bombing overall. Or to be more accurate .. ground-attacking jets / bombers overall. If this was my deck, I'd only have 2 SU-27S (and maybe 1 MIG-31M)

Throw out the command tanks, throw in the ILTIS KdoW. Throw out the HEMTTs and MAN KATI 6x6 and replace them with 1 FOB and 2 deck-cards of MD Jupiters or Alvis Stalwarts.

Mountaineers? No, just no. Also the ATGM Milan F2 are not my favourite. Jagdkommando has better transports (TPz Fuchs ftw!), comes in useful numbers (5 infantrymen per unit) and will do the job just as good at killing enemy tanks. Also the higher missile capacity ensures less logistical disasters (on the other hand more missiles = more missiles to waste on 1-point trucks). They also move faster than ATGM Milan F2 which helps to decrease the time you need to wait until your ATGM-infantry finally moved up.
I'd take the LAAD Stinger + Humvee for their increased accuracy compared to the RBS-70 troops.
Assault Engineers, Genie de Combat .. depends on the person.
I'd take Panzergrenadiere over the Dragonerne.

Support: Marder Roland 2 is a solid choice.
I'd take the Flakpanzer Gepard or the PIVADS over the AMX-13 Oeil Noir. I think you might thought the Oeil Noir uses a non-radar weapon? Yeah, I thought so too .. but it says [Rad] so ..
Abbot .. consider the MrsPz M113 (Germany) or the M110 instead.

Overall good choices.
However I'd take the AMX-30B instead of the Chieftain Mk.2, better accuracy, faster, better fuel economy.

I'd load either Fernspäher or Marinejeger into a Helo.
Also I'd take the Bo-105CB over the HKP 6A.

AH-1F Cobra, nothing wrong about that.
Lynx AH.7 TOW 2 .. I like the Bo-105P/PAH-1 better.

I'd take out the F/A-18A Hornet for the F-15A Eagle. But that might be only me since I use jets mostly to kill other jets that infringe my territorial borders.

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Re: Post your deck!

Postby Isle » Thu 13 Feb 2014 07:07

Thanks for the advice !

I was actually taking the AMX Oel-noir because of the radar guns to soak up enemy SEAD missiles and stun possibly as kind of a first line AA, but I guess I just need to learn to turn off the radar of my AA better.

Edit: Got the time now to go through all the suggestions for PACT ( will do so for NATO too) and some questions occured:

1. Concerning the Konkurs ATGM-Carrier vehicle, why not go with the MT-LB SHTURM, the trade-off seems reasonable for me ?
2. Is the SU-25T redundant with the Mi-28´s ?
3. Should I bring Sapeury, if I have Spetsnaz, thy both kind of fill the same gap, I just feel the amount of Spetsnaz might be a bit low to defend mountains/forests.
4. Do I need the flame-Tank ? I rarely use him and if I have need to clear out a city I have trouble getting him in.

I primarily use my mortar for stun/smoke purposes, not really for sniping I am afraid, but I will test the other options. I am a little afraid of only RAD based AA, but I see your point, so I will test that with 2 cards of Biryusa, maybe go back to one Tunguska, we will see. I somehow tend to end up with 33/34 points which leaves me with a possible LOG slot or a helicopter, do you guys have some advice for that ?

Izo Azlion
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Re: Post your deck!

Postby Izo Azlion » Sat 15 Feb 2014 05:12

I was going to make a whole post about how to fix that mixed Nato deck above here but, instead, here's my most used deck and why it's my most used deck;

This is a US Deck, that's it. Cat A, no specialisation.

I'm light on my command units, because I play with at least one other close friend if not three gaming buddies.

Infantry varies, the US infantry isn't great but their IFV's are. Marines are alright, Delta Force are sub-par considering they are supposed to be "special forces" My previous decks have had more infantry, but you might consider;

SMAW - Comes in a LAV (More bushmasters please!) and is a VERY situational AT unit, but in the right situation will own tanks and IFV's. Unfortunately their short range means I don't always take them.

Mountaineers - If only these guys had a LAV or Bradley. They are decent at holding a town/city and their ATGM while weak, is reasonably accurate if a little short range. Not to be underestimated, this 15 strength unit is best used cheap and cheerful. I find one card is enough.

As for why use a Huey instead of a Blackhawk? Delta Force aren't good enough IMO to warrant the use of an expensive helo. Huey's do the job just fine, and make it so your "Special Forces" if you can call them that, are 30 and 35 points. Added to this, Humvees are great - fast and cheap, perfect for getting units quickly to your front lines without attracting too much attention.

Stingers in Bradleys? Why have I made a cheap infantry unit into an expensive one? Because the M2A1 Bradley is hugely accurate, has 3 AP, and an amazing TOW. For more cost effective AA I use;

Support -

Avenger. Holy get some. Very Good Stabilizer plus 8 Stinger missiles (I always use these in pairs, so 16 missiles!) means they should be the very first vehicles your enemy sees at the start of a round. Generally this is because he's using helicopters to rush forwards and even two Avengers will own almost any helo rush. Use 4 for best effect.

Pivads is a bit hit an miss for me, I find my Mechanised deck (which is all too heavy on supply) works better as these can be two cards at Veteran and they really, really do not like things flying over them for very long.

Paladin - IMO the best barrage arty for NATO, due to its 2 in 1 card deal, as opposed to the AUF1 and BKAN.

Mortars - Super fun little units to harass the enemy. I was using I-HAWK's quite a lot too, but more really as a backup AA missile than something to depend on.

Tanks -

Not much to mention here, obvious choices if a little thin on the ground, but these aren't T34s - You don't tend to lose many if you play right, and if you lose 30 tanks you're doing it wrong. Often I would only take one card of M1IP's. Special mention to the M8 AGS (affectionately called "mate") - Fast, high damage, low armour, accurate light tank, used in groups of two to three, in an ambush these will kill anything they are close enough to hit. 2100m is a respectable range, too.

Recon -

Kiowa's are great. The Warrior is better but you get less of them and your recon shouldn't be firing anyway.

Bradley CFV - Forget what I just said, this thing is an ATGM GOD. These get half a page or more of kills in almost every game I use them, certainly if placed in locations where ATGM's should be, they have incredible accuracy and often reach Elite. Hardened to Veteran is -1 Bradley, which I feel is worth the loss due to better sight and more accuracy.

Rangers - Again in a cheapo Huey, 30 point relatively fast moving recon unit. Best the US has to offer, sadly not as good as other nations recon.

Vehicles -

TOW Humvee - An excellent addition, highly accurate, but not all that cheap. Fast moving, though, which is what gives it the edge on a Bradley or ITV. I will generally choose Stingers in a Bradley over buying these unless I need fast defense, or something to run with my initial deployment.

Whirly Birds -

Frankly there is only one helicopter I have had absolutely ridiculous results with consistently, and it's the Apache, micro-managed well, these are excellent at destroying anything the enemy has, especially armour. If you can work a flanking shot on a T-80U, it's dead for sure. Three Hellfires will go through the front, however you have to be aware this thing loves to piss missiles away - disable and enable the Hellfires if shooting at large groups of tanks. This irks me.

Oh, and I'm on the fence but I switch between 2 x Elite Apache or 4 x Hardened, or 2 x Hardened and a card of Heavy Hogs.

The Cobras feel completely useless to me, so fragile. but each to their own.

Jets! -

This is where the US really comes into it's own, their air power is phenomenal.

F-15C Eagle - On par with the SU-27, these are great air defense aircraft, expensive but worthwhile. Not much to say about them. 2 per card, so yay.

Nighthawk - Good for flanking maneuvers to bomb Arty locations, to bomb Command Vehicle locations and most of all, fantastic at removing large groups of infantry and helicopters (even if they aren't close to the surface!) off the face of the earth. Big boom. Very fragile, but hard to detect.

F-16C - I had two of these drop their load on three T-80B's and wound up killing two of them. They are inexpensive relative to their speed and effectiveness.

Phantom II - Not currently in my deck but someone on your team should always have napalm, great area denial weapon. Phantom I is a poor substitute

A-10 Thunderbolt - Second to only the SU-25T at completely destroying an enemies over-extended tank pushes. Also will make reasonably light work of a couple of AA units, as it can take a punch. The gun alone is worth the unit, as the noise it makes is amazing. Slow as hell, but if you can make one of these run out of ammo and fuel, it's had a fun time.

And saving my personal favorite;

F/A-18C - Why the C over the A? I mean, for one, you only get a single C, but you get two A's per card!

This was learnt in seconds when I took one card of each. My team mate spotted two CV's under AA cover in a line, and if I thought I could find the replay I'd go grab it. (Lots of games played since) I sent my F/A-18A in, and being as it's semi-guided, it fired, missed (which is rare, really) then got blown up before it could launch on the second target. Medium ECM + Semi-guided = bad times apparently.

I immediately sent in the F/A-18C, it swooped in, blapped the first command unit - firing two missiles, essentially giving you 2 x 11 (+10% for trained) chance to hit. It pulled up slightly and because I'd shift-right clicked the second command unit, promptly killed that too.

Then it got quite lucky and got out alive. The player rage quit shortly after.

One thing you'll notice is I like nice units, I like expensive units, but I try not to cripple myself with overly expensive units all the time. Speed is also critical to me. Humvee's of all kinda, LAV's and fast jets. The Thunderbolt made it in because of the noise of that GAU, and stayed in because it really is an effective plane.

For mixed decks -

Though I don't really believe in mixed nationality decks (in ALB) due to the god-awful number of activation points available, there are a few good units to keep in mind.

Tornado IDS (Germany) - Essentially a F/A-18C with Medium ECM, but two per stack. Lovely.
F-16 (Norway) - 2 x 1000kg bombs, excellent, also two per stack.
Kustjagere (Sweden) - Best Special Forces in the game, at least for NATO.
AUF1 (France) - Great artillery
Leopard 2A4 (Germany) - As you found for yourself, it's a spectacular tank.

For me, the US does most things pretty well, plus I love planes and helicopters. Come Red Dragon, I might find myself playing France/Germany more, but for now, this does the job.

I hope this post helps I've spent a bit longer than i thought I might posting it.
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