10 advices to give to a new player!

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby SandyGunfox » Tue 15 Oct 2013 14:16

Well, in no particular order...

1. Wargame is not Starcraft or Command and Conquer. Spamming one unit en masse is a good way to lose quickly. There is no "optimal build order." APM is important, but a good strategy will always beat a good clickrate. There is no "zerg rush" - there is no research and no development, so there's nothing stopping the other team from buying high-end units immediately, so why would you try to rush with cheap ones early?

2. Read this guide; no list of ten can teach you the whole game. Read others as well, for any topic in the game there is likely to be a decent, focused, and thorough guide on it.

3. Do not play "support decks." Do not ever utter the phrase "i go air and arty only, flare for support." I know artillery and airpower are the instant-gratification part of the game but learn to play right. You'll have more fun because you won't be left with nothing to do when the enemy inevitably just spams SAMs.

4. You can never have enough recon. If you can see it, you can hit it; if you can hit it, you can kill it. So if you can't see, you'll never be able to kill the enemy's units. Recon allows you to anticipate, to plan, to see threats coming and react.

5. Learn how to use your support assets correctly. When used right, the Smoke Position feature is amazing. When used right, napalm never goes out of style. When used right, MLRS units can support a great push by mass-stunning the defenders. But stupid people use these wrong, and then whine when they're ineffective. Napalm are not HE or AP explosives; smoke rounds do not explode like artillery shells, and MLRS is used for stunning and morale damage, not killing things. For that matter, don't confuse mortars with barrage artillery or with single-shot siege artillery, all of which are different things with very different performance characteristics.

6. Keep the game's objective in mind. If you're playing Destruction, all of your units must be cost-efficient above all else. If you're playing Total Destruction or Conquest, it's fine to lose units as long as they help you take zones and destroy CVs. If you're playing Economy, don't waste your money on big powerful units just to lose the game!

7. Defense is generally stronger than offense. Spamming a neverending stream of units into a defensive line is just feeding the enemy points. Instead, hold back and build up a critical mass, or find ways past the defensive line instead of through it. Your strike must have the momentum to brush aside all obstacles; slow attrition just lets them build up more defenses.

8. Don't rely on single high-end units to win the day every time. You must have alternatives; you must have reserves; you must have backup plans. If your whole deck depends on you having one unit operational to work, what do you do if that unit gets killed? Quit? See #10. The reason you can't rely on one unit as a game-winner is that every unit in the game has counters; every high-end unit out there has a cheaper unit dedicated to killing it. Instead, use balanced forces in concert who offset each others' weaknesses; for example, group your heavy armor with autocannon IFVs, ATGM carriers, and SPAAGs and SAMs.

9. This is a team game. Play it like one. Communicate with your team. At the start of a match flare where your CVs are going and where your units are going. Discuss your intended strategy and your deck's strengths or weaknesses if your deck has any prominent strengths or weaknesses. Remember that "lanes" are constructs by the players, this isn't DOTA or LoL - attacking cross-lane is a great way to catch an overly-focused player unaware. The "lane" mentality gets so bad that some players even cry that it's unfair when they get attacked on their flank! Support your allies with air power, artillery, spare units, recon, and so on. Work in concert with them to attack on multiple fronts simultaneously so that your enemy's attention is divided. Don't hesitate to ask for support from your allies, but be specific about what threat you're facing, what kind of help you need, and what threats that help might face (don't call air support in over enemy SAMs, don't call for tank support in front of massed ATGMs, et cetera.)

10. Never, ever ragequit a match. No, you are not being "polite" to drop after five minutes because you lost a single precious Nighthawk or whatever. Wargame is not a game that is decided in the first exchange. This is a team game, if you are unwilling to play a team game go play 1v1 modes or against the AI. People tend to quit when their allies do, and this leads to 4v4 games that end abruptly after 5-10 minutes or 10v10 games that become wildly unfair 9v3 games. See rule #1 - this is a game in which epic comebacks and furious last-stands that rack up tons of points in kills (see rule #6) are more than possible, and so quitting at the first setback is silly. Have some respect for the game and for the players; if you sign up for a game, actually play it.

Special 11th B-side rule only available in the deluxe edition: There is always enemy specops in your base. You just haven't found it yet. Seriously though, maintain a flank security screen with SPAAGs and recon of your own or your enemies are going to cheerfully sneak some special-ops troops right into your starting spawn zone and have all sorts of fun with your command vehicle and your reinforcements. One of my favorite under-appreciated techniques is to bring in groups of helicopters with MANPADS troops and park them in a forest or hill near the enemy air spawn lane; since so few players actually watch their units get called in they often have no idea why or how their plane disappeared.

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby FUBAR1939 » Tue 15 Oct 2013 15:37


6-Never leave your infantry out in the open. Never have them charge across open ground. Keep them in their APCs until the last moment

Really? I take a city once, by foot, with tank support. (I killed theyr ATGM). And my inf take the city.

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Rorschach » Tue 15 Oct 2013 17:34

FUBAR1939 wrote:@Roarshach

6-Never leave your infantry out in the open. Never have them charge across open ground. Keep them in their APCs until the last moment

Really? I take a city once, by foot, with tank support. (I killed theyr ATGM). And my inf take the city.


99% of the time, infantry that's running across open ground for any significant distance will end up dead.
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Azkylon » Tue 15 Oct 2013 17:49

1. Wargame has a big learning curve, don't get discuraged if you lose many games in the beginning. DO NOT LEAVE A GAME BECAUSE YOU DID SOMETHING STUPID OR SOMETHING THAT DOESNT WORK. The moment you leave a match early without a pressing reason (no, you lost your complete army is not a valid one) and a apology you'll land on the red list of all Wargamers.

2. Look at replays, if you see someone who completly owns you or anyone else in the match think about how you could have countered that. Also take a note of what worked in which situation and copy it if you're in a similar.

3. No player is special and that also accounts for you. You do not do a OMG ERMAHGERD SUPER SPECIAL ALL AIR / ARTY Support deck. This isn't "World In Conflict" That has been tried by nearly all newbies and plain doesn't work. You'll be assigned to a sector to hold and thats your first priority for now. //When and how to help teammates should be learned by playing and is imho out of the scale of (10) newbie advices.

4. You will communicate with your team in a humble and mature manner. You will win or lose with your team. Your teammates are the ones who can help you in a pinch as well as they are the only ones who can spot and tell you where you made mistakes before your enemy utilizes them. Likewise your opponent is your opponent and not your enemy, treat them with manners too.

5. Recons are the single best units you have. Use them both mixed in with your defences as well as with a attack or sneak them into enemy territory. Make sure you always see everthing close to your frontline.

6. See that empty patch of wood in your spawn? There are enmy special forces in it marking your cv's for artillery or bombers. See those other two empty patches of wood? There are special forces also. Unless you got a perfect line of recons and anti air across the whole map (including its boarders) consider any empty spot of wood as occupied by enemy troops which snuck through weak spots. You'll never get a perfect line.

7. Take a note at how a unit performs in a situation. You don't cry PACT op or this and that is unrealistic if your 145pt best NATO tank gets destroyed by 10 points infantry but take a look and notice that you should never drive a tank into a unsecured town. Most units are worth their cost and all are designed to fit a specific role which means that they might be really bad if used completly different.

8. Spread out your units and use cover. If your enemy can't see your units he can't shoot them. If the gap between your units is bigger than the splash radius of his bombs he won't be able to get both your valuable anti air units at once. Never put anti air (especially not radar one) on top of your cv, your enemy will target the aa and ramdomly kill your cv.

9. Air defence is your most important task. You will die if you don't have adequate ground forces. You'll die a lot faster if you don't have adequate anti air.

10. There are many good guides, tipps and commented gameplay videos out there. Take a look at them.

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Drang » Tue 15 Oct 2013 18:01

Norway CAT C Motorized is seriously overpowered.

When a teammate request a fire mission, then drop some arty on the marker.

Communicate Communicate Communicate.

Reverse-slope defense turns 30-pt failtanks into heavy-killers.

Flanks shots best shots.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're getting hit hard. Equally, don't whine like a feminist if you don't get help.

Kill as much of their AA as humanly possible.

Recon everything.

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby skif » Tue 15 Oct 2013 22:13

i will play with my friend together and will teach him to play this game !!!

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Major Duck » Sat 19 Oct 2013 18:46

1 Shut down your computer
2 Wait 2 years
3 Turn it back on

wait thats only 3 sorry about that :lol:
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby EricTerminator » Sat 19 Oct 2013 22:39

Drang wrote:Norway CAT C Motorized is seriously overpowered.


But it's even more overpowered when you field a deck made of Norway Mechanized Cat C. It combines GLORIOUS MASKINGEVAERMENN AND STORMER with GLORIOUS DESIGN OF NM113 !

1. One Command Vehicle (CV) is enough to cap a sector !
2. Field a balanced army unless you have a specific plan in mind.
3. Have recon units to cover every inch of the frontline. If enemy infiltration is suspected, make some recon units patrol your rear !
4. Combined arms is the key ; there's no point making a charge of 4 T-80Us if there's nothing to cover them !
5. Infantry is the Queen of Battle towns and forests.
6. Groups of more than 2 units is generally unadvised, as it doesn't cover well the flanks and attract artillery fire.
7. If possible, hide your units in whatever cover available.
8. Don't hesitate to make probe attacks to find weak points ; a simple truck/APC that goes through the enemy lines means there's nothing to shoot at it in the area !
9. Flank the enemy and use hard counters whenever possible.
10. Analyze your replays, and compare to replays posted there : http://alb-replays.info/#/browse/

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby McMacky » Mon 24 Feb 2014 22:44

1. Communicate with your team. It doesn't matter how new or bad you or your other teammates are, if you are communicating you will do better every single time, especially if there is a veteran player who can lend some advice.

2. Recon. Use recon. Always start with recon, and always have recon. It's not that expensive, and it increases the effectiveness you your units by an incredible amount.

3. Openings, especially for conquest. In conquest the initial land grab plays a huge role in the outcome of the game,for better or for worse. The loser usually ends up with more dead units, less ground, and the pressure of having to attack, and if you don't contest a zone at all you are giving the opponent free time to set up a solid defense. That being said...

4. Know when to retreat. If you push a tank up over a ridge and it evaporates to 12 tank shells, don't proceed to push the rest of your army over the ridge without first having a battle plan. In such a case it is usually better to pull back and keep you units alive so the disparity between the amount of units you have alive and the amount the opponent has alive doesn't increase due to a suicidal attack. Set up a defensive line and set up a staging ground to amass units you can use to push the enemy out.

5. Know where to attack. Just because a zone is close to you doesn't mean that should be where you attack. Heavily fortified zones are very difficult to take without extreme losses and if you can avoid that and attack a more lightly defended zone you should do that. Recon and scouting are very important when gauging the strength of enemy defenses around the battlefield.

6. Support attacks. When attacking you ideally have artillery support, air support, and the support of one or two of your teammates. Use these to quickly stun and inflict moral damage so the defending units are far less effective.

7. Don't send units or planes in one at a time. When units arrive at a fight one at a time it is very easy for the enemy to focus fire and destroy them as soon as they are seen. Multiple units pushing up at the same time allows some of the units to survive and inflict damage,the whole point of the attack.

8. Practice using planes. Understand what each plane does, as well as the unintuitive way they move so that when it really matters they don't decide it would be a good time to fly into enemy AA.

9. Don't get frustrated. The game is very VERY hard in the beginning, but once you get a handle on it very satisfying.

10. Be a good sport, and be gracious in victory and defeat. Try not to rage quit. Give people GG's at the end of the game, don't be an asshole to your teammates or opponents, and if you are impressed with how someone played say so. They might give you some helpful hints, some tips, or something of the like. Though not everyone follows this advice, the community would benefit greatly if we did.

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