Skins backup

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Skins backup

Postby JBravo » Sun 25 Jan 2015 03:49

So I have a bunch of skins from different authors. If anything ever happened and I had to reinstall the game or something, I might end up losing all the skins I've installed and it would be a pretty big pain in the ass to have to install them all again.

My question is, is there a specific game file or set of files I can backup that contains all the altered skins?

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Re: Skins backup

Postby COMThing » Sun 25 Jan 2015 05:46

Wargame Red Dragon\Data\WARGAME\PC\430000210:

- ZZ_3a
All old units from ALB that were present in the RD beta
All new units for the nations present in ALB, excluding DLC units
Missile and Ammunition texture files

- ZZ_3b
All units for the new nations (ANZAC, NK etc), excluding DLC units

Wargame Red Dragon\Data\WARGAME\PC\430000366\440000543:

- ZZ_3a
All DLC 1 units (Eastern Bloc)
2 of the 3 main Missile texture sheets are updated and override the v210 ones

Wargame Red Dragon\Data\WARGAME\PC\430000564\430000574:

- ZZ_3a
All DLC 2 units (Marder 2 etc) for ALB nations

- ZZ_3b
All DLC 2 units for new RD nations

I'm not sure about the DLC 3 units since I don't use the DLC 3 beta.

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Re: Skins backup

Postby ReverendSpecialK » Sun 25 Jan 2015 06:53

Currently in this situation right now...
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