Armament fallschirmjägers

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Armament fallschirmjägers

Postby Satellite986 » Mon 31 May 2021 23:37

I do not understand what the developers were guided by, creating the German airborne detachments.Inquire about the topic, then you will understand that the German paratroopers of the MG-34 weapons only in 1940-1941.

Even a banal request for a photo in Google, the 3rd division will give you a bunch of photos of Inf rifle squads from MG-42.
Replace the paratroopers' weapons with authentic MG-42s or give them a variety of choices, like in the 5th SS Division with its PzG Mg-26 / Mg-34 / Mg-42

I also attach the title of the book for the developers, where they can learn a lot about the 3rd Airborne Division, albeit a little later period
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