Report TeamKilling in SD2

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Report TeamKilling in SD2

Postby Alfie » Sat 12 Jun 2021 18:56

User: Wadam1000

[How it started]

-At 27:20
He tried to sneak up and use my supply truck, I marked "oi" at location to tell him I have noticed. And I move my truck to a different location.

[TeamKill Behaviour]

- At 28:00
He then use his arty F-22 76.2mm to target my BM-31-12 ANDRYUSHA (135pts), I noticed it and moved them away again, but he kept doing it and not giving up. Therefore, I marked his arty to let him know I can see what he is doing. I admit I was very shocked by his behaviour and used colourful language on the marking. I apologise, that was first thing came into my head as an Aussie.

-At 28:20
That did not stop him, and he kept on targeting me.

-At 29:35
After several try, He chose to cluster bomber to do the job, killed a BM-31-12 ANDRYUSHA. I was furious but did not say anything to him, At this point I gave up playing the game and see how far he could go.

-For the rest of the game
he killed a few BM-31-12 ANDRYUSHA, M2 Kombat command, several supply trucks and some other units.

I'm not completely without fault, you may ban me for bad language etc, it it justified. But I 100% do not want to see him go unpunished.
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