SD 1v1 League - Season 6 player list

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SD 1v1 League - Season 6 player list

Postby nigo_BR » Mon 19 Jul 2021 00:55

So Steel Division 2 is receiving a lot of attention from the devs. Last week we had the latest patch. Its a small community, but very active.

There's an ongoing league happen in SD community with divisions (from pro-players to rookies), interesting concept as tournament.

Season 6 from their 1v1 guys will start soon.

From their organizers, SD 1v1 League - Season 6 player list:

From GreenHD:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my pleasure to announce the List of Players and the Division List for Season 6 of Steel Division 2 League.

This Season I bring to You 2 changes in the division system! For this season Division 2 will be played in a system of two groups with 7 players each, where top 3 places advance. This will make Division 2 more similar to Division 1 and hopefully will enhance the competition!

Second big change is the expansion of Division 5! I am delighted to see that many new players signing for League, so to make their experience even nicer Div 5 has been expanded to 4 groups of 5 players, with the 2 top places advancing to Play Offs! That means that in Division 5 the Play Offs bracket will be bigger since we will have 8 people fighting for the great final! I hope it will be a good solution to give even more people the experience of competetive play!

Keep in mind that the Divisions may change until the start next week!

Stay safe, and see You on the battlefield Commanders! ... sp=sharing

If anyone is interested - SD League discord:
Brazil :mrgreen:

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