AG-Modding Help - Unit Cap Relation to Battle-Map Selection

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AG-Modding Help - Unit Cap Relation to Battle-Map Selection

Postby EnthusiasticAGModder » Sun 19 Sep 2021 07:33

Looking for a fix to a pretty esoteric army-general-modding problem:

If you mod it so the battalion cap is greater than five and bring more than five battalions to a battle, the battle-map will always be Orsha-North, no matter the campaign, and no matter the location. An important clue to finding to the solution to this may be that the battle-maps normally have five land-corridors no matter how many battalions you bring (and as far as I have seen it is always five), but Orsha-North only has four land-corridors. It seems either the game does not know what to do when more than five battalions are committed so defaults to this map for whatever reason, or there must be some value that exists that controls this, unless it is completely hard-coded.

I have tried to find the mechanism that controls this, running a search through the files for all of the terms you might suspect could be related. Running the gambit from "= 4 ", "= 5", and all of the relations to "corridor". I thought modifying the corridor amounts where applicable might yield a solution, but of course came to no avail.

Any ideas or leads to this would be greatly appreciated.

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