Wargame: 1984 (v0.4)

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Wargame: 1984 (v0.4)

Postby Soundwolf776 » Fri 3 Jan 2014 00:30

version 0.4c

DOWNLOAD HERE - http://www.mediafire.com/download/1rreo1f4216517t/1984-v04c.rar
Spoiler : CHANGELOG :
- Leopard 1A4/1A1A2 - increased ROF to be consitent with other 105mm NATO guns

- +2 availability to Leopard 1A4

- M1 and Leo2 - slightly better stabs (+5% to-hit on the move)

- +5pts price on M1

- -15pts price on Leo2

- Air Assault infantry is reduced to 1 card only, albeit with +2 availability

- DShB is now also available to USSR Mechanized deck

- "Stunned" effect is x1.5 times harder to achieve

- Panzergrenadiers w/o MILAN and Motorstrelki(BMP) squads revised to have 7 men in squad

The most important change of the patch:
- higher frontal armor on all combat vehicles.
It's done to make flanking even more important and force the players to pay even more attention to their surroundings and how they can be used to defeat the enemy. It also reduces the lethality of frontal combat, thus allowing to pull back and conserve forces.

- reduced frontal armor arc to 60 degrees

- increased HE resistance of infantry in buildings

- FOBs are back!

- CVs are cheaper at 140pts. Setting them at 220pts was a big mistake on my part.

- some model changes - a bit more color on M1 and M2, T-80

- M728 CEV - massive HE boost. Should be a bit more viable now.

- increased the size modifier on SPATGMs a bit more, so they should be even harder to hit now

- +5pts cost on BRDM2-Konkurs

- fixed M901 and Cobra ITOWs which ITOW were not cosistent with Bradley ITOW in terms of AP

- fixes to IFV ACs and AAA - should probably make IFVs less of helokillers, should make AAA firing pattern a bit better visually

- yet another set of tweaks to planes/ADA balance - SAM are somewhat cheaper, and planes are faster to get resupplied. Keep those skies covered, just in case.

- roadspeeds - +10km/h

- slightly cheaper INF slots choices

- fixed: a bug with soviet infantry that allowed AT weapns to target them.

- The Germans are coming! Bundeswehr is in, with Armored and Mechanized decks available.
Bundeswehr was extremely strong in our period: the king of all tanks, Leopard 2, extremely lethal mobile AA systems, heavy reconnaissance companies with stealthy Luchs and dangerous Leopards 1, uparmored Marders to carry Panzergrenadiers into the thick of fighting.
Somewhat offsetting this is conscription system. Despite excellent military traditions and a lot of training, they simply can't come up with the same amount of professional soldiers as US Army can.
Also they do lack a bit in the helicopter department. No gunship is available, and the only attack helo is light and small PAH-1 - agile and powerful, but strictly anti-tank.

- lowered lethality somewhat by globally reducing direct-fire accuracies

- tweaked the Activation Points bonuses so there are no 'hidden modifiers'. Previously, US had a negative AP bonus, but game didn't display it.

- fixed: Strela-3 was unavilable for Soviet Motorized deck for some reason

- small tweaks here and there that were not immediately written down here in changelog and now I don't remember them...

- lowered income - 1100pts per player in 2v2+, 1400 in 1v1. Let's try it and see if it opens up the battlefield a bit.

- upped the costs of mortars - +10pts, which is +5pts compared to 0.1. Was wrong in my assesement that they're worse than regular arty in most ways.

- T-64A to 2275 range, -5% static acc, +5pts.

+ added: BMP-1P, BM21 and M728 CEV.

- 25% faster conquest point gain - so, you know, there's actually a reason to fight for those zones :)

- +3 Activation Points for US, +1 for USSR
- overhauled the Soviet tank/inf availability so there is actually sense in taking vetted units

- M60A3, M113 and ACAV speed nerf to better differentiate them from M1-M2s.

- Lowered the bullet resistance of infantry on open ground; infantry will slow-down slightly when shaken or in panic; slightly upped long-range squad weapons firepower - overall, rushing infantry boldly across open ground without cover shouldn't be so viable anymore.
- a bit less total morale, a bit less morale damage from dying units, slightly faster morale regen across all experience levels.

- fixed inconsistency between supression values of Bushmaster and 2A42 - now both should be quite awesome at supressing infantry
- BMP2 and Bradleys +175m anti-helo range on AC.
- a quick fix of M2 .50cal ROF - was definitely too high, which probably made clearing up towns as US a bit too easy

- planes changed to have 4 bombs, bombs themselves are +2HE now, and cost less supply. That should make planes a more often sight on the battlefield and make their frequency of appearance less dependant on rearming cycle - thus encouraging to actually buy SAMs.
- SAMs received a substantial buff to their missile range - almost around 1km
- Strela-10 now has 2625m anti-helo range, at +30pts cost. It made little sense that a SAM designed to combat new ATGM-armed helicopters actually failed miserable at that task in mod
- bugfix: ZSU-23-4 had it's anti-helo and anti-plane range swapped, leaving USSR without mobile anti-helo defence. Also, a +5pts price increase, because now this thing is going to be brutal.
- AAA lost 10% of their static accuracy. They were too brutally good at instastunning and instakilling any flying threat for their price.

- lowered the Dragon ATGM minimum range to realistic ~70m. Should help the 101st in close combat against vehicles a bit, without overhauling their load-out.
- added 1 soldier to soviet Strela-3 and Fagot teams as per realistic OOB

- artillery got a -10 second aim time on smoke rounds, so smoke is an alternative to blasting everything with HE
- artillery got their salvo size reduced to 6-8 rounds. Allows to queue orders easier.
- mortars are cheaper by 5pts

- slight tweak to vehicle transport system: now land transports give guaranteed casualties (1 man) and a lot of supression and stun to their mounted squad when they're knocked out.

STEAM GROUP - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/W1984

Greetings. This a Wargame:1984.
Less is the new better.

- LESS units. I've cut down the selection to just around 30 units per nation and 2 nations initially.
- LESS deck customization options. No mixed decks. No categories. Less types.
- LESS stat diversity. Unique speeds? Fuel ranges? Different small arms stats? Forget about them.
- LESS speed. Units are moving 50-70km/h even on roads. They take 3-5 second to aim and 10-15 second to reload. Artillery aim for almost a minute. Aircraft appear 2-3 times in the whole game at best.
- LESS moments of fun. Infantry hopping thorugh districts and covering a city in a few seconds? KPVT annihilating a tank through frontal armor? Recon by empty trucks? Everything mercilessly slaughtered.

Spoiler : What? :
Now, don't think I just removed 90% of the game and did nothing else.

Less units means better units. Balancing becomes so incredibly easier*. I'm free to make sweeping balancing changes in the blink of the eye, as I have way less entities to change. What we're losing? Oh, the name tags flying over the battlefield won't be so diverse. Big deal. Instead of a 10+ tanks with slightly different stats, you'll get really diverse unit classes with everyone having a well-defined role.
*no, I'm not saying that 0.1 is anywhere balanced. But 1.0 may be.

Less decks means better decks. Remaining decks are all very viable, completely competitive and quite authentic - at once. You don't have to choose between god-tier decks like Nato Mixed/USSR national and everything else, which fits mainly for handicapping yourself if you're going stomp random pubbies. Take any type of deck, study it's list of advantages and limitations, learn the playstyle, kick ass.

Less stats diversity means faster development, and more attention to details where it really matters. Every unit should have unique speed? No way. Vehicles very rarely use their maximum speed outside proving grounds, and similiar speeds make synchronizing maneuvers so much easier. Unique fuel range? Why bother, if fuel mechanics are inherently broken. Unique entities for simliar or irrelevant weapons? Nobody would ever spot a difference between M-16 and AKM performance on a brigade-scale mechanized fight. Wherever possible, I've tried to replace all those "unique" numbers with generics.

Less speed means that the fights shouldn't be decided by who is an octopus with more tentacles and eyes. Nope. With slow movement and deadly combat, the winner is the one who understands where the enemy is weak, concentrates his forces and fire support effects and strikes in timely, synchronized and organized manner, not the one who just clicks faster.

Neither the fight should be decided by exploiting little-known gamey tricks or precisely knowing which units counters which or who is the most broken and cost-effective unit in this patch. Few units, less unnecessary diversity, distinct roles, a lot of fixes here and there - I hope that'll help to solve those issues.

So, to cut down the talk, what this mod tries to emphasise:
- Gameplay over senseless unit fetishism
- Authencity over strict technical realism
- Planning over microcontrol
- Maneuver over static defence

0.) WARNING! This mod, as any other, is very likely to corrupt your decks upon launch. If you don't want to lose your decks, go to \Steam\userdata\<unique ID of your player profile>\ and back-up the 222750 folder there. After you finish using the mod and restore the original files, just restore your back-up.
There should probably be only a single folder with <unique ID of your player profile>, but if there are several - better play safe and back-up 222750 folders in each of them.

1.) Extract the mod archive into the main game folder, which should be \Steam\steamapps\common\Wargame Airland Battle, confirm the replacement of files.

2.) Go to \Steam\steamapps\common\Wargame Airland Battle\Data\PC\2100001576, copy the Wargame.exe here and copy it into the main game folder, replacing the Wargame.exe here.

To revert the changes, open up Steam, go to Library, right-click on Wargame: Airland Battle, go to Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Steam than will check your game, and replace all modified files with the original versions.

0.) It's BETA - bugs and mistakes are to be expected.
1.) Mod is not intended to be played against AI. It works, but mainly to test new weapons, nothing more.
2.) Mod currently does not support Destruction game mode. Eventually it will, though.
3.) Armory displays are not really informative in regards to unit capabilities. They don't display aim times, optics display is too abstracted, ROF is broken in many cases, many important weapon stats are not displayed and so on and so on. Refer to mod manual to understand the unit capabilities.

- Movement is much less restricted, but slower
Significantly higher autonomy ranges, disappearance of difficult terrain criticals and reduced bonuses for on-road movement means that every vehicle can move with unusual freedom. Maneuvers that you would've never tried before due to the lack of fuel or the fear of slowing down too much are now possible. Even badly designed maps like Gol suddenly feel so much less restricted.
But the speed itself is way slower. Units move as a multiton combat vehicle should move on a broken and muddy scandinavian battlefield. Which isn't anywhere bad, actually, as it lessens the microcontrol strain a lot and - due to speeds being standartized across classes of units - eases the synchronization of movement.

- Vision range overhaul
General idea is that standard combat units see just to a standard battlefield engagement range of 2450m. Though at that, they're better than in vanilla - and don't need recon as much to spot targets. Oh, and they really suck at target identification. OTOH, recon can provide actual reconnaissance information before the shooting starts: being able to spot and identify targets before they enter combat range (3325m+ visual range). All that significanlty thickens the fog of war, and can severely punish a careless player that fails to maintain a recon screen.

- Planes overhaul
While unit changes are described in detail later, plane changes surely can take a place in Global changes due to how much it impacts the gameplay. Planes are extremely powerful, very fast, but scarce, expensive and take nearly 10-15 minutes to reload. You can't spam them, as a single one costs almost the same as an infantry company and there is maximum of 4-6 of them available. Thus, there is no easy, cheap and fast way to counter a break-through anymore. You either need to invest an extreme amount of points and "opportunity" (a strike utilized to stop a breakthrough means one less strike against enemy positions), or use land forces instead.
Pretty much the same about helicopters, too. High cost, low numbers and high vulnerability to MANPADS means you can't rely on them alone to stop enemy pushes.

- Income and reinforcements
Income happens rarely. Namely, you would receive points only once in 10 minutes, so get some plan about how you would use them and how owuld you survive before they arrive.
As soon as we're sure that 10 minutes is ok, I'll start updating the destruction maps too to also have income issued once in 10 minutes.

- Morale system changes
Units now have a slightly larger morale pool and different morale states happen at more morale damage. So, it's much harder to supress a unit now, but the benefits of doing so also increased. A unit in panic is almost completely combat ineffective - ROF is divided by 5, accuracy - by 10.
Platoons are a must now, too - single units are very prone to rout, and rout itself happens for longer.
Most important change is that dying units inflict less morale damage on friendlies but in much larger area - about a 1.5-2 kilometer radius which means a lot of losses may result in whole formations losing combat effectivness and even routing. Thus, I advice you to really try hard to avoid using lightly-armored units like BTRs in the thick of fighting - they'll be toast in seconds, and that will result in actual fighting units quickly losing their nerve.
You know, people don't like when their comrades-in-arms run around screaming and burning :roll:

- Combat
Again, it's slower - but more lethal at the same time. AP ratings are much closer to realism, don't expect even the best armored vehicles to survive a lot of hits. On the other hand, aiming times and ROF are all much slower.
ATGMs no longer have a massive range advantage over tank guns, just a bit more range. Mainly based on my experience in Steel Beasts tank sim - it's DAMN HARD to find a proper field of fire for an ATGM in European landscape. Scandinavian battlefield is even worse. Gameplay benefits massively from the lack of 2800m-ranged ATGMs, in my opinion.
Platoons are made more viable by increased distance between units - single artillery shell won't supress the whole platoon no more.

- Bugfixing and tweaks
Infantry has to spend 10 seconds in a district before moving out. That prevents using district in a city to 'teleport' infantry squad across great distance in no time.
AP ammo doesn't inflict supression on misses anymore. Exception are autocannons and infantry AT weapons.
Frontal armor angle is just 70 degrees instead of 90 in vanilla. Flank shots are thus easier to obtain.
"Any AP penetrates any armor under 350m" rule is removed. If you want to knock out an M1 with KPVT, attack from the rear.
Veterancy no longer gives bonus to turret turning speed.

Spoiler : Certain national peculiarities :
- many US vehicles, thanks to thermal-imaging systems, posses very quick aim time and can see deeper into cover than their soviet counterparts. That comes at a noticeably increased prices, though.
- soviet AA is much more mobile, and ZSUs are pretty good in all roles, while US ADA is more static and gravely depends on inter-working of all systems which is somewhat eased by larger SAM coverage and better MANPADS.
- generally, soviet land combat systems are cheaper than US, but are have worse training (enjoy the professional/conscript army difference) and still are far from being spammable. Soviet players are thus encouraged to make full use of their increased proportion of support assets and make good use of combined arms tactics to defeat US forces instead of just relying on the strength of numbers aka spam.
- Mi-24 can employ it's ATGMs on the move - beware! While Cobra possess much better aim time and ROF and thus can even try pop-up attacks.

Spoiler : CLASS changes :
+ more survivable (25 HP, 2 top armor) and stealthy - they represent a more or less estabilished battalion-level CP.
- very expensive - ~200pts.
- lowest speed among vehicles.
=> it's very hard to snipe CVs by blind fire, but going for them with land forces is very profitable. CVs require some protection and planning to successfully escape from advancing enemy forces as anything can outrun them.

+ nearly doubled supply capacity for logistical vehicles
- high cost, low availablity
=> there will be much less trucks congesting your playing field, but you need to protect your valuable logistics
CURRENT STATE: Kinda BORKEN. Honestly, you don't really need supplies often as units tend to die before running out of gas or ammo. Ocassionaly, helos are useful to resupply that lucky group that managed to break-through the front and suddenly doesn't have targets that needs to be immediately chased and killed. Sad truth - line units are pretty expendable.

+ the only units that are still able to see further than they can be shot from.
+ non-combat vehicle recon (BRDM, M113 ACAV) received higher stealth
- recon helos are much less acсesssible
- infantry recon is nowhere better than regular units in terms of optics, requiring them to use their exceptional stealth to close in and get intel
=> recon is the only instrument that can get you intel before you're engaged. Don't waste them by shepherding combat formations like you were required to do in vanilla. Especially as soviets: those BRDMs are really unfit for combat, but excel at infiltration and observation.

+ much tougher against HE in all types of terrain. Of course, buildings and forest still give the most benefits.
+ much higher AT capabilities - improved warheads for USSR, Dragons in US rifle squads. Everything can be employed on the move.
- not so much tougher against bullets. Again, buildings and forests provide an increase in survivability, but nothing magic.
- comparatively higher price - with vehicles being cheaper, infantry squads are no longer simple throw-aways.
* changed weapon logic - infantry MGs are abstracted into the main weapon, which cause mostly supression at 350-800m range, and quickly starts to cause actual casualties at 0-350m. Thus, attackers can mass fires to supress the defender before an assault, but must weight in the risks of getting under an artillery salvo.
=> infantry is your bro for fights in closed terrain and is much more capable in attack now. Rush across open plains will still end up badly as soon as they encounter machinegun fire, but a surprise attack across an unpassable hillside can be very successful and is much harder to counter too due to absence of one-click cheap solutions like napalm planes. Higher universality comes at a price, though - don't waste your troopers.

+ cheaper, stronger, better on the move - it is THE choice for medium-ranged mobile combat.
+ in general, all vehicles received much more ample fuel reserves. Tanks benefit from that immensively - they can break the line and then exploit a break-through to the full depth. Being fast, armored and suited for fire on the move, they can quickly waste all the precious C2, ADA and artillery assets situated behind the front-line.
- they would have very hard time dislodging infantry all on their own.
- unless you're playing an armored deck, you won't have a lot of them.
- modern tanks are expensive, older tanks are very vulnerable to ATGMs.
=> use carefully in breakthrough - more of them survives, deeper and bolder you can go into the enemy rear.

+ very hard to hit
+ good stealth
- low availability and high price
=> this things can heavily enchance the AT defenses in a critical area - but commit them thoughtfully and integrate into overall plan. Their to-hit modifier is massive (-35% to hit), but won't make them invulnerable. Single AT piece still won't be able to outfight a tank platoon.

*MANPADS are cheap anti-helo. Long range, decent accuracy, but the lethality isn't very high, and reaction/reload time is unimpressive.
*AAA provides mobile and quickly-reacting anti-helo, for a price. Low accuracy, but can scare off a helo or two. Good for ambushes, when lack of long-range accuracy won't matter.
*SAM are ideal for intercepting those nasty planes - but like their prey, they are expensive and rare, and you need to concentrate them where you really need protection.

+ much more lethal in general - can make graveyards out of static positions.
+ much higher shell flying speed. Looks cool. Makes harder to trace them back to arty. Makes it harder to avoid arty strike by micromanagement.
+ higher availability and cheap price.
+ easier to set smoke screens - smoke missions won't use a corrected shot accuracy modifier.
- long aim times means you need to have a fire plan before an engagement. Arty is a great battlefield shaper that can easily prevent the use of certain positions or avenues of approach - but you need to exploit it's effects, otherwise you're just killing dirt.
- lower ROF, less splash radius - it's very important to concentrate 4 to 6 tubes to achieve proper effects in the target zone.
- a single round of smoke ammo costs two regular ammo rounds
=> with reasonable planning and preemptive thinking, they can easily change the outcome of any fight. You need to think ahead if you want to use artillery at 100% efficency. If you're attacking, don't wait for your forces to stumble into direct fire-fight - it may be too late to call in arty at that point. Instead, fire artillery missions on positions that are most likely to be occupied. If you're defending, use recon to spot enemy early and plaster his avenue of approach to disrupt and delay his movement to contact.

+ higher relative speed and increased maneuverability makes them extremely good as a quick reaction force, ready to do all kinds of lightning-fast maneuvers and answer to any developing crisis.
- enjoy authentic prices and availability. No more locust hordes of helos covering the whole sky - they're an extremely potent, but scarce asset.
=> attack helo possibilities are nearly endless.

+ now helos won't arrive just seconds faster than wheeled APCs. Speed advantage is really massive, and coupled with increased helo maneuverability, it allows to pull-off air assaults much easier...
+ ... and with much more boldness as there is very little to stop transport helos now. No fighters, no AA helos, no cheap bombers.
- pricey all the way. From when you discover them being in HELO section in deck creation, and then see how costly are HELO slots to when you try to deploy them in battle and find out they cost from 70 to 90 pts and have very little availability - per card and total.
- they're generally higher experienced and are quite loaded up on AT weapons, but their anti-infantry capability is no magic - regular rifles won't have huge problems clearing them up with some support.

+ brutal firepower applied precisely and fast in one swoop.
+ much less opposition - no high ROF or high accuracy SAM systems in every bush, no interceptors.
- reload time alone is around 15 minutes. Planes are you aces, commit them wisely.
- very expensive in every aspect
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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby Soundwolf776 » Fri 3 Jan 2014 00:48

Evnetually, here will be a table with all the unit stats and some reference material.

So far, let's have a small FAQ here:
Spoiler : FAQ :
Why 1984?
Because it fits. No uberunits like T-80U, Leo2A4 and Apaches that barely fit in the technical limits of the game if done authentically. No need to think something with ERA on soviet tanks. The zoo of different units is much smaller. OTOH, I still wanted the combat to be modern and diverse, with vast array of different unit classes for the player to play with.
1984 was a great compromise, I think.

Where is T-72A?
Almost identical to T-64A stat-wise, thus excluded from USSR arsenal. Will be featured in NSWP armies, of course.
Also, that's why there is no T-64B - completely identical to T-80B. Some other stuff is exluded because of huge similiarity too.

Why so few planes?
99% of planes in vanilla actually would never appear at such low altitudes, doing missions in direct support of a close combat. I've read through pages and pages of stuff on airacraft doctrines of both NATO and WARPAC, and both sides understood that using multimillion planes, laden with expensive and extremely powerful weapons and piloted by highly-educated healthy manpower, to hunt tanks was a waste. Airfield, command and communication nodes, strategic weapons, large formations on the march and in assembly areas - that were the target worth their attention. Not well dispersed individual combat vehicles in the smoke of the battlefield. Su-25 and A-10 were a rare kind of planes suited for that, so they're included. Everything else is assumed to be waging AirLand Battle or Vozdushnaja Operacija.

What vehicles exactly are equipped with thermal imaging?
M2 BFV - TOW system on Bradley doesn't have the aiming time bonus. Realism-wise, this is due to necessity of finding an unsloped position and rising the launcher before engaging targets. Gameplay-wise, TOWs with 2 sec aim time totally raped everything.
M3 CFV - look above, same stuff about TOW
M901 ITV - here, the TOW system does have an aiming bonus, for gameplay reasons. If it ever proves to be a problem, it'll lose it.

Future plans?
If testing goes nicely, there are no desyncs found (or they're succesfully corrected), I'll go with adding new sides and deck types. Germanies are to be expected first, then Britain and Poland. Deck-wise, Marines are the first to be added at some point. Air Assault and Airborne decks are quite likely to end up being converted into something completely different.

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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby Iris » Fri 3 Jan 2014 01:36

Will try. Do like;

PS. Apache and T80U are both from 1984; the T80U just has 1986 ammunition.

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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby Aikmofobi » Fri 3 Jan 2014 02:28

Sounds absolutely brilliant!

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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby Guggy » Fri 3 Jan 2014 08:00

Been waiting for this one with bated breath :) Thanks, Soundwolf!

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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby Liare » Fri 3 Jan 2014 14:44

this sounds interesting, just out of curiosity, does the AI cope with the changes, at all ? :)

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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby Soundwolf776 » Fri 3 Jan 2014 15:28

this sounds interesting, just out of curiosity, does the AI cope with the changes, at all ?

Well, AI was always kinda a target-practice dummy and he still fits for that.

Main problem is that certain units that are included in AI decks didn't receive all the changes. Due to common modules, many units got new vision and speed, but weapons remained mostly the same and thus, AI units are desperately lacking in firefight.

Maybe, at some later point I'll make a pair of AI decks thoroughly overhauled, so at least the AI will be on the same footing stat-wise.

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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby Liare » Fri 3 Jan 2014 15:33

fair enough, by the way i got extensive background information on the Danish army and air-force readily on hand when you get to that point.

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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby mnkymanfoo » Fri 3 Jan 2014 15:44

I'm getting flashbacks to the Modern Warfare mod for WiC. I hope this is as excellent as that mod was.

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Re: Wargame: 1984 (v0.1)

Postby Panzeh » Fri 3 Jan 2014 15:50

Send me a steam message if you want to get a game of this in. (my steam name is Panzeh)

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