Swedish units for eventual DLC

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Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby TheFluff » Fri 11 Oct 2013 10:53

For some reason I haven't seen anyone post about Swedish units yet despite the announcement that we'll get some new ones eventually, so here's a thread the usual suspects can help me fill out (hello Kamrat Roger, Cyk0, RedWarning, Dimonay, zervostyrd and the other Swedish regulars).

Armén (army)
First off, some regular stuff that was actually used in line units.

- Strv 122 is also known as Leopard 2A5SE. It's basically a a Leopard 2A5 with Swedish-developed add-on armor and some other minor changes. First production units delivered in December 1996; 91 out of 120 tanks delivered were license-built in Sweden.

- Pbv 302B & 302C are early 90's upgrades of the familiar 302A. Most importantly they're better armored and have spall liners. Could also get a bit better AP for the autocannon since new ammo (with the slightly unfriendly name 20 mm spårljusbrandhalvpansargranat m/95, shortened to the vastly more charming slbrhpgr m/95) was procured for it. Circa 1990-1993.

- Bkan 1C is a bkan with better accuracy and a better engine. Circa 1992.

- Patgb XA-180 is a Sisu XA-180, like the Norwegians have in ALB. Only about 30 of these was ordered though, and they were mainly used in UN peacekeeping operations. 1993.

- RBS 90 is an upgraded version of RBS 70, with longer range and a faster missile. Also known as RBS 70 mk 2 (more specifically, "RBS 90" refers to a more sophisticated launch system; RBS 70 and RBS 90 share the same missile, but calling the system RBS 90 gives us an excuse to use the upgraded rb 70 mk 2). 1991. (Update: this is now in ALB as a DLC unit)

- RBS 15KA is a truck-mounted quad RBS 15 anti-ship missile launcher. The missile, rb 15, is a long range radar-guided sea skimming thing similar to the AGM-84 Harpoon. Late 1980's.

- Epbv 90, Stripbv 90 and Lvkv 90 are recon, command and SPAAG versions of strf 9040, respectively. All are prototypes in the 1992-1994 timeframe.

- RBS 77 is the plain old I-HAWK. 1983.

- RBS 17 is a manportable anti-ship version of the Hellfire missile. Used by the amphibious infantry/coastal artillery, and I'm pretty sure the Norwegians bought these too. 1990.

- Pvpjtgb 1111 RBS 56 is a Volvo jeep with a RBS 56 launcher on top.

- Hkp 10 is an unarmed Super Puma transport helicopter. 1988.

- Hkp 11 is a likewise unarmed Bell 412 transport helicopter. 1993.

- RBS 55C is the Swedish designation for TOW2; not sure which platforms it was mounted on though. Delivered in 1988-1989.

- RBS 69 is the Swedish designation for the Redeye MANPADS. Not very exciting.

- Norrlandsjägare are elite infantry specialized at sabotage, delaying actions and independent intelligence gathering in a sub-arctic climate. Basically, their job is to go around on skis behind enemy lines and hit targets of opportunity. They could be implemented as mountain infantry or some kind of recon troops.

- Stormpionjärer are combat engineers and could be armed with flamethrowers.

- Särskilda skyddsgruppen (SSG) is the Swedish equivalent to special forces like SAS, Delta Force and SEAL Team 6. The unit was set up in 1994, making it prototype infantry.

Now for some prototype/experimental stuff.

- Strv 103D is an uparmored 103C fitted with thermal sights and I believe also a new FCS. One built, circa 1992-1993.

- Strv 105 is a 104 with thermal sights, new FCS and new engine. One built, circa 1992-1993.

- Ikv 105 is an Ikv 91 with a 105mm L7 gun, developed in a bid for for export to India. Never entered series production. 1983.

- AT12T is a Bofors 120mm recoilless rifle that fires a tandem HEAT round. Never entered series production, but a working prototype was demonstrated in 1992.

Kamrat Roger's Antique Hardware Bargain Basement:

- Strv 74 is, performance-wise, somewhere in between a T-34-85 and a T-55A. 50's.

- Sav m/42, where "Sav" stands for "stormartillerivagn" is a WW2 era assault gun.

- RBS 53 Bantam is a manportable MCLOS ATGM. Could also be mounted on a Volvo L3304 and on Hkp 3. 1965.

The Scandinavian "oh please Eugen give us articulated vehicles" complaining corner:

- Bv 206 is an unarmored articulated tracked general-purpose carrier; mostly it was used as a personnel transport but could also carry supplies. It's not particularly fast (55 km/h) but is exceptionally good at navigating difficult terrain and deep snow.

- Pvrbbv 2063 is a bv 206 with either RBS 55 (TOW) or RBS 56 BILL.

There's also a bv 206 variant with a 120mm mortar, but I don't know if it has an official Swedish army designation.

Also within the prototype scope is a thing called pansarsprängvinggranat m/94 "STRIX", which is a 120mm mortar HEAT round fitted with an infrared seeker that gives it limited guidance in the terminal phase, making it aim for the roof of vehicles. The problem is that in the game Sweden doesn't have a 120mm mortar to launch it from, unless Eugen suddenly revokes the "no articulated vehicles" restriction and introduces a bv 206 with a 120mm mortar, or goes well past 2000 to fetch the granatkastarpansarbandvagn 90120 prototype, which features a twin barreled 120mm mortar on a strf 90 chassis.

Flygvapnet (air force)
- JAS 39A Gripen is a multirole plane that can do a buncha different things. It can carry BK 90 like the AJS 37 does in ALB, rb 74 (AIM-9L), rb 75 (Maverick), rb 15F (air-launched version of RBS 15), rocket pods, dumb bombs etc. It eventually got Paveway II, rb 99 (AMRAAM) and rb 98 (IRIS-T), but the latter in particular is sorta out of timeframe. Formal service entry in 1996, first series production aircraft delivered in 1993.

- JA 37C Viggen (also referred to as "JA 37 edit 32") is a modernized JA 37 that mainly improves the avionics (better radar, etc). Mostly an excuse to replace rb 24J (AIM-9J) with rb 74 (AIM-9L) and give it somewhat better ECM than the vanilla JA 37 (the rb 74 pylons also contained a built-in flare launcher). 1993.

- JA 37D Viggen (JA 37 edit 34) is a further Viggen modernization that gives it the ability to carry rb 99 (AMRAAM). 1997.

- SH 37 Viggen a maritime recon version of the Viggen. In reality it usually flew unarmed but it was also capable of carrying the same Rb 04E anti-ship missiles as the regular AJ 37. Adding this copycat would give Sweden an anti-ship plane without having to change the existing AJ 37 or AJS 37. First series production aircraft delivered in 1975.

- AJSH 37 Viggen is a 90's modernization of the SH 37, adding the capability to carry Rb 15F. 1992-ish.

From Kamrat Roger's basement we also have the A 32A Lansen with 3 x 500kg napalm bombs and the vintage jet fighter J 29 Tunnan.

Marinen (navy)
- Strb 90H is a fast landing craft that carries and lands half a platoon (18 men) of amphibious infantry or kustjägare. Armament consists of two fixed Browning .50 cals and a ring mount that can be fitted with either another .50 cal or a mk 19 grenade launcher. Length over all is about 16 meters. First entered service in 1991.

- Transportbåt större ("greater transport boat"), perhaps better known as 200-båt, is similar to the strb 90H but carries a full platoon instead. Length over all about 21.5 meters. First entered service in the 1960's.

- The Norrköping class FAC originated as torpedo boats but were rebuilt to fast attack craft with RBS 15 as the primary armament in the early 80's. In the game they will count as corvettes, being about 40 meters long. They're powered by three turbine engines and are quite fast for their size; the top speed is about 40 knots. The armament typically consists of 8 RBS 15 launch tubes, two 533mm torpedo tubes and a general-purpose 57mm autocannon that can engage both surface targets and aircraft as well as act as point defense. Modified from torpedo boats to RBS 15 carriers starting in the early 1980's, with twelve built: HMS Norrköping, Nynäshamn, Norrtälje, Varberg, Västerås, Västervik, Umeå, Piteå, Luleå, Halmstad, Strömstad and Ystad. Hull numbers R 131 to R 142 in the order listed.

- The Hugin class patrol boat is basically a smaller Norrköping class. They carry six RBS 12 (Penguin ASM) and the same 57mm autocannon as their bigger brothers. Length over all is about 33.6 meters and the top speed is about 35 knots. Deliveries started in 1978, with sixteen built: HMS Hugin, Munin, Magne, Mode, Vale, Vidar, Mjölner, Mysing, Kaparen, Väktaren, Snapphanen, Spejaren, Styrbjörn, Starkodder, Tordön and Tirfing, with hull numbers P 151 to P 166 in the order listed.

- The Stockholm class corvette (in Swedish called kustkorvett, "coastal corvette") is conversely basically a bigger Norrköping class, being about 50 meters long. The armament is variable but a typical configuration during the game scope was eight RBS 15 launchers, two 533mm torpedo tubes, one 57mm autocannon and one 40mm autocannon. Top speed is about 30 knots. Two built (HMS Stockholm and HMS Malmö, hull numbers K 11 and K12), both delivered in 1985.

- The Göteborg class corvette is a slightly bigger Stockholm class at 57 meters long; armament is similar but it lacks the torpedo tubes. Four delivered in 1990-1993 (HMS Göteborg, Gävle, Kalmar and Sundsvall with hull numbers K 21 to K 24 in that order); originally six were ordered but the last two were cancelled after the end of the Cold War.

- The Halland class destroyer is the biggest and most powerful destroyer ever operated by the Swedish navy, although this admittedly doesn't really say that much as it was also the last destroyer to be operated by the Swedish navy. At 121 meters long, it's huge compared to the smaller ships above; still, the top speed is about 30 knots. As befits a ship of this size, the armament is more of a long list of things rather than just a few weapons:
- 2x twin 120mm automatic naval artillery gun turrets; these things are water cooled and have a rate of fire of about 40 rounds per minute per barrel, so 80 rpm per turret. They can engage both air and surface targets and have several different ammunition types available (such as regular high explosive, proximity fuzed fragmentation for air targets, etc).
- 1x twin 57mm AA autocannon turret
- 6x single 40mm AA autocannons
- 2x launch rails for rb 08 (an early radar-guided, turbojet-powered ASM)
Originally four were planned but budget cuts caused the cancellation of two hulls, so only two (HMS Halland (J 18) and HMS Småland (J 19)) were delivered, in 1956. Rb 08 was added around 1967.

- The Östergötland class destroyer is in most respects a smaller and less capable Halland. The ships were delivered later than the Halland class but are of an older design. Top speed is about 35 knots, and the ships are 111 meters long. Weaponry:
- 2x twin 120mm torndubbelpjäs m/44 gun turrets. These are conventional WW2-era naval artillery pieces, not like the watercooled automatic monsters on the Halland.
- 4x single 40mm AA autocannons
- 1x rb 07 launcher (Sea Cat)
Four built in the mid-50's: HMS Östergötland, Södermanland, Gästrikland and Hälsingland, with hull numbers J 20 to J 23 in the order listed. Decommissioned in 1982 and scrapped between 1985 and 1991.

- HMS Smyge was a single stealth hydrofoil FAC prototype delivered in 1991. Top speed exceeded 50 knots; armament consisted of two RBS 15 launchers, two 400mm torpedo tubes and a single 40mm point defense autocannon.

More to come, especially ships. Any and all contributions welcome.

Things I'm not going to add:
- Strv 121: West German surplus Leopard 2A4's delivered in 1994, not compatible with the game's alt-history
- Pbv 401: East German surplus MT-LB's, see strv 121
- Pbv 501: East German surplus BMP-1's, see strv 121
- Strv 2000: a pure paper tank.
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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby Newlander » Fri 11 Oct 2013 12:13

I'll add a few units here then


LvKv90 - The AAA variant of the Strf9040, might be a bit of a stretch since it was ordered in 1993 and came into service first 1997(it could do as a nice prototype though)

Strf9040A - A regular strf9040 but with enhanced fire-control system and stabilizers for the gun.


Hugin class patrol boat - Armed with a 1x57mm Bofors auto cannon and 6xPenguin missiles(AGM119)

Tapper class patrol boat - Armed with 2x12.7 heavy machine guns

Transportbåt större/200-Båt - The predecessor to the Strb90H. Can transport 40 soldiers, and is armed with a 20mm Oerlikon auto cannon.
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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby Aubustou » Fri 11 Oct 2013 13:06

No Strv 2000?
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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby TheFluff » Fri 11 Oct 2013 13:18

Newlander wrote:Strf9040A - A regular strf9040 but with enhanced fire-control system ad stabilizers for the gun.

Wasn't gun stabilization only added on 9040B in like 1998? Maybe I'm misremembering though.

Aubustou wrote:No Strv 2000?

Never even got off the drawing board, and even if it had, it wouldn't have been ready for service until after 2000. We don't need another Chimera in W:RD.

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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby Newlander » Fri 11 Oct 2013 13:25

Strf9040A - A regular strf9040 but with enhanced fire-control system ad stabilizers for the gun.
Wasn't gun stabilization only added on 9040B in like 1998? Maybe I'm misremembering though.

No the Strf9040B had a better stabilizer, but the 9040 A had a more "basic" one

Links to FMV (swedish defense material administration...sort of) Info only in swedish though
General info http://fmv.se/sv/Projekt/Stridsfordon-90/Generell-data-for-Stridsfordon-90-familjen/
Specs for 90A http://fmv.se/Global/Dokument/Projekt/Strf%2090/Stridsfordon%209040A.pdf
Specs for 90B http://fmv.se/Global/Dokument/Projekt/Strf%2090/Stridsfordon%209040B.pdf

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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby TheFluff » Fri 11 Oct 2013 13:28

Well, you're right about stabilization on 9040A, but the chart in the first link shows stabilization as a feature included on vehicles built from november 1997 and onwards though.

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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby Newlander » Fri 11 Oct 2013 13:31

TheFluff wrote:Well, you're right about stabilization on 9040A, but the chart in the first link shows stabilization as a feature included on vehicles built from november 1997 and onwards though.

Now the you're mentioning it, you're quite right good sir.

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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby Cyk0 » Fri 11 Oct 2013 14:13

Good cover stuff as usual the Fluff.

Some comments though.

First up... things close to my heart. The amphibious forces.
RBS 17 Its a deployed man portable system and currently they are not modeled in game. They were also used by the "regular" Ampibous corps marines rather than by the coastal rangers. The coastal rangers did use other man packed deploy-able weapon systems. That because of the environment were carried by groups rather than used mounted on or transported with vehicles. M2's, 120mm mortars and mk 49's (unsure about the year for the last ones)

Modeling the effectiveness of the Swedish amphibious corps in an archipelago environment would be very hard without deployed weapon systems since one of the advantages of the corps is the fact that they (sort of like mountain troops) carry allot of since that is the only way to utilize that equipment on the rough terrain islands.

While we are with the corps having the combat boat 90 without the ability to deploy mines is missing one of its important functions. The hellfires combined with the mines are what prevents big ships from just barging there way thorough.

Il throw in some prototypes to complete the list.
Strv 103D not with the remote controlled changes, but with the ceramic armor. (Same technology that was used on the pbv302C) That tank would probably be good short term solution that Sweden could have settled for rather than using old german leopards 2 while waiting for the next MBT (in a isolated Sweden scenario the strv 2000)

The IKV 105 in an alternate reality where the USSR is still live and kicking existing models developed by Swedish industry might very well have been pressed in to service.

HMS smyge It fits the time frame and is probably the most interesting prototype conceivable in RD, launched in 1991 basically a smaller earlier version of the extremely fast stealth Skjold class (Despite it being a Norweigian ship the concept behind them is incredibly similar down to the surface effect ship design, and the choice of weapon systems even though the compliment of missles and cannon caliber is smaller, they also have two torpedoes for closer attacks on ships protected from ASMs) I think it would be a very interesting unit in-game without being overpowering, sort of like the Akula a unique unit with a unique role.

Proper ships:
Norrköping(Spica II)-class Missile boat, the most numerous class to ever have served in the Swedish navy and with its high speed it fills its role within the scope of the game in fulfilling the doctrine of the Swedish navy.

Göteborg-class corvette, If a Swedish corvette is to be a part of RD the Göteborg class is good choice Slightly different approach than the Norköping (and larger Stockholm class) so it would provide some diversity being slower and armed with more artillery. Its also a fairly numerous class for the Swedish navy.
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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby Bryan » Fri 11 Oct 2013 14:16

The STRF90 with the dual barrelled mortar!
Lol.... I know, I know.....OP!!!!

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Re: Swedish units for eventual DLC

Postby orcbuster » Fri 11 Oct 2013 14:18

The obvious solution to the RBS-17 issue is to let them be fired from Stridsbåt-90. Thus both norway and sweden get patrol boats with hellfires
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