Fighting for Resources

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Fighting for Resources

Postby ch3cooh » Mon 18 May 2015 14:44

This post made me think:

WarriorWounds wrote:The pace of the game is currently a bit too fast for my tastes. I've never felt prompted to build things like Humvee's or mortar teams, because they just get outclassed so quickly by the other units you can build within the relatively short time window it takes to tech up and get more powerful units. I believe the underlying cause of this problem is just the insane amount of resources you have access to from out of the gate. Spreading out the resources further away from the base and lowering their frequency a bit more would make them more valuable and reduce the instant tech 1 speed that we currently see.

Players should have to fight over aluminum as well as rare earth elements if you ask me.

I believe it would also proactively encourage tier 1 raiding and skirmishes over the middle of the map, which to me is the most enjoyment I tend to extract from this game at the moment.

It is an exciting idea that players would have to fight for major resources right at the start.
No more simple Arms Race, but always shifting frontlines and more dynamic gameplay overall.

Of course there would have to be multiple resource spots in middle locations.

Question is, which resources should be in the middle locations of the map, and what they should be needed for.

For example:

Just putting rare earths into middle locations:
Control of middle locations would only be needed to develope endgame-tech.
Losing the fight for resources would not make one side fall behind immediately.
Would still enable the possibility for a simple Arms Race till endgame.

Putting aluminium and rare earths into middle locations:
Control of middle locations would be needed to develope midgame-tech.
Supports shifting frontlines right at the start.
Losing side could lose any chance immediately.

Putting rare earths into middle and aluminium into forward locations on the map:
Could be a good compromise, enabling fights for early resources, but does not force them.

What do you guys think?

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