Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

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Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

Postby Procyon72 » Tue 17 May 2016 01:23


I made some tests regarding the accuracy bonus a unit gets from veterancy.

Base accuracy (=rookie) | Trained | Hardened |Veteran |Elite

10 | 11 | 12 | 14 | 16

15 | 16 | 18 | 21 | 24

20 | 22 | 24 | 28 | 32

25 | 27 | 31 | 35 | 40

30 | 33 | 36 | 41 | 47

35 | 38 | 43 | 48 | 55

40 | 44 | 48 | 54 | 61

45 | 49 | 54 | 60 | 68

50 | 54 | 60 | 66 | 73

55 | 60 | 65 | 72 | 79

60 | 65 | 70 | 76 | 83

65 | 70 | 75 | 81 | 88

70 | 75 | 80 | 86 | 91

This table does not include ecm/ size modifiers and is only true for calm units at max range.


You want to know the effective accuracy of a T-80 at hardened. T-80 has a base of 40%. You ignore the modifier of +16% in the armory and look at this table. At 40% the effective accuracy on a hardened unit is 48%. So a t-80 on hardened will shoot at max range with an accuracy of 48%. If you want to know the T-80 machine gun: 15% base on hardened is 18%.

Is this only for Tank cannons?

This table is accurate for MBT main guns, IFV autocannons, machine guns/infantry primaries, FIST weapons like Eryx/RPO Rys, Helo rocketpods and AAA on ground targets. I assume its also correct for Infantry anti-tank weapons and Atgms / AA missiles.

Data visualisation and formulae by InsaneSheperd

Some more images with your new data:

First one shows the modifiers and your data points.

mod_e= 0.6-1 * exp(-(acc./145).2 );

mod_v= 0.7-1 * exp(-(acc./180).2 );

mod_h= 0.8-1 * exp(-(acc./250).2 );

mod_t= 0.9-1 * exp(-(acc./360).2 );

Second one are again your data points and the modifiers multiplied with the base accuracy to get the real accuracy.

Third one is the delta between the elite accuracy and the accuracy at lower experience levels. Upvetting is most useful at ~50% base accuracy.

I like to test this. How did you get those numbers?

Select any unit. Order it to fire at position ("t"). You will notice that above the weapon its using a small window will appear and show this weapons current accuracy (cth, chance to hit) when its shooting. This number will include morale, distance and veterancy, so you have to make sure your unit is calm and shooting at max range. Obviously your unit has to be able to Fire Pos. [Guid] cant to that, for example.

Is this accurate? Sample size?

Sample size doesnt matter because there is no randomness in accuracy. You will always get the same accuracy no matter how often you shoot, all other parameters being the same. Also i was not actually counting hits or misses, i simply noted what the cth told me.

The displayed cth is rounded, so a 31% in my table might be an actual 30,6% or 31,4%. A unit with 31% at 525m might have 32% at 520m because of that. However i think its reasonably accurate for gaming purposes.

Regarding rounded values from Nandemonai
I'm fairly sure it rounds down, so 31% would be [31,32). It's observable in ECM tests.

Not that it matters too much

Similar tests by Nandemonai

Some miscellaneous stuff i found out during testing

Units dont actually have the range that is stated in the armory. A unit with 2275m cant engage a target at 2275m, it only shoots at 2274m. Same with all other ranges ( 2099m, 1924m and so on)

Size modifier effect is about 1%-5%. That means if your unit would have 37% at a medium target (= attack pos) it does have 35% on a small and 38% on a big target. A unit with an accuracy of 70% against a medium target had 68% against a small and 75% against a big target. These numbers vary with veterancy and base accuracy. All infantry is "very small", so units will be even less accurate against them.

Atgms do get more accurate the closer they are. So do manpads, AAA and AA missiles against Helicopters.

There is no cap on accuracy.

Bushes, trees, forests and cityblocks dont affect accuracy. If it does have line of sight, it will have the same accuracy as if the target was in the open. This is true when the target is in the open and your unit will shoot past / through forests or cities. I didnt test what happens when infantry is inside a building.

Hey i saw this on reddit!

Yes. this is a copy-paste of this reddit thread: ... acy_table/
I also added some information that was in another thread, and some posts, so you forum people get a clear picture without having to look all over reddit.

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Re: Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

Postby delor » Tue 17 May 2016 05:50

Nice! Good to see some numbers that match what you see if you start messing around with veteran and elite levels of experience.

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Re: Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

Postby Mister Maf » Tue 17 May 2016 09:55

Thanks, I'm bookmarking this. This is really helpful.

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Re: Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

Postby chykka » Wed 18 May 2016 07:10

nice too know What size does :D Will hardly effect how I play though.

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Re: Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

Postby AlphaKilo » Wed 18 May 2016 07:38

Well, this explains a lot! Thanks.

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Re: Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

Postby molnibalage » Wed 18 May 2016 11:40

My only question why provides the game itself false information about veterancy bonuses? For some units elite means 50%+ bonus and for some only ~30%.

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Re: Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

Postby urogard » Wed 18 May 2016 11:43

molnibalage wrote:My only question why provides the game itself false information about veterancy bonuses? For some units elite means 50%+ bonus and for some only ~30%.

maybe that's like the average value that you receive.

Because you know, can you imagine the comfort and clarity players would have if it were set up to have the stats change on the unit card itself as you hover over different veterancies to show you what the accuracy will actually be (i.e. accuracy in base color and veterancy bonus in highlighted color)

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Re: Actual accuracy bonus from veterancy

Postby R3d Sh4mbala » Wed 18 May 2016 15:16

Any info on how stabilizers effect accuracy?

Because a 40% acc Zalonic Reservist appears to drop to 5% acc on the move, due to no stabilizers.
Actually one other thing, is there a theoretical 0% acc outside of routed which is rare.

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