Game Crash - 10-30 mins Into Game (ONLINE)

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Game Crash - 10-30 mins Into Game (ONLINE)

Postby kshafto4312 » Mon 12 Dec 2016 02:44

So not sure whats changed, i played this game earlier this year no crashes but since ive been playing rebooted, just online i think i my game will crash after about 10mins or so, sometimes long, up to 30 i think. I initially made sure windows,drivers,games were up to date, which they are and ive changed cpu priority to high but that doesnt seem to help.

Including dump file as attachment. Thank you for any help you can provide love this game and am so happy to have an RTS this good but not near as much fun when you can't finish a game, please let me know if theres anything i can do to help as well.

Edit:Tried to upload dump file but got invalid file type, do you have an address i could send it to please?

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