1v1 30 minute matches Idea

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1v1 30 minute matches Idea

Postby TheBugMonster » Sun 16 Apr 2017 12:09

Each player makes a deck with the following restrictions
Pre 1975 deck
Deck type, Armored, mecha, etc are your choice
Nation doesnt matter.
Veterancy doesnt matter.
Terms will be defined after below restrictions, Terms include Set, Range definitions, etc

1 Fob, 1 command unit, 2 ressuply units.

1 set of anti air infantry, 2 anti vehicle troops, 3 other infantry of your choice,

1 set infared anti air, 1 set Radar anti air, 1 set Short range arty of your choice, 1 set of long range arty, User may replace short range arty with MLRS systems

3 set tanks with no atgms, 1 set tanks with atgms.

1 armored recon, 1 infantry recon, 1 heli recon

2 Sets of non Atgm vehicles, 1 set of atgm vehicles

2 set of whichever Heli you would like

1 set of air to air, 1 set of air to ground, may sub out air to ground with Anti radar planes, Planes that have a mix of bombs and missiles count towards Anti Air planes. (IE F-14 tomcat as air to air, and F-111 As air to ground)

I am aware some decks will have extra points, that is fine, stay to the above restrictions, for this time around, if this time around happens anyways.

Defining Terms

The term Set applies to one selection of a unit in the deck creation menu, clicking 1 unit at veteran level is exaclty the same as Clicking 1 unit at rookie level, it completes the set

Short range artillery is any arty peice thats main gun is classed as a "Mortar"
Long Range arty is any arty peice thats main gun is classed as a "Howitzer"
If a unit like Anti vehicle is not available for selection in the deck creation, a user may select other unit types to make up for that loss.

Maps will be 1v1, 30 minutes, total destruction, users are given a 2 minute peace period to secure 1 sector next to their deployment sector, the only combat allowed is blind shots by arty/MLRS. During the 2 minute peace period, Troops may not be out of the one sector you secure. Recon helis are an exception.

If yall can think of any other rules or ideas, drop em below. please, i really wanna try a tourny system like this. would be very fun

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