Mysterious black-screen crash in Eugen-games

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Mysterious black-screen crash in Eugen-games

Postby Sezuki » Fri 21 Apr 2017 12:19


I've had a problem for a while when playing Red Dragon and now also the newly bought Steel Division Normandy 44.

When the problem manifests during a game my computer screen turns black, much like during a graphic driver reset - the difference being that it stays black forcing me to restart my computer. The computer itself doesn't freeze and I can still hear everything continuing, and I can press alt-F4 to kill the game.

I play a lot of games, and I don't experience these crashes in any other games. The crash seem to manifest quicker and more consistently on higher graphic settings. I'm running a fairly "normal" computer built on a Z97-AR motherboard with a i7 4790 and GTX970 Strix. I have never experienced these problems in any other game or situation on this computer.

Temperatures are way too low to even consider overheating (my GPU doesn't even reach 60 degrees in game). I've ran every stress test I can think off and can't seem to trigger the problem outside of the game. The following thing did nothing to alleviate the problem:

Turning off all overclocking (I hardly use any to begin with)
Formatting + Installing a fresh copy windows 7
Changing PSU
Changing memory

I wish I could try another graphics card, but for now that's not an option. I am at a loss of where to even go from here, so any suggestions on how I can continue to narrow down the cause is greatly appreciated. It is a shame I have to play these amazing games on the lowest possible graphic settings to even have a chance at not crashing mid-game!

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Re: Mysterious black-screen crash in Eugen-games

Postby Shifu » Fri 21 Apr 2017 14:05

Have you tried changing to W.fullscreen o windowed mode instead of Fullscreen?
Have you tried changing the graphic api to OpenGL or DirectX9?
You might be able to see a more specific reason on what happened the in the event viewer.

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