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New Player Mentoring

Postby TheRev » Tue 8 Aug 2017 01:40

Greetings All.

Over the last few months a fairly large and reasonably active community has grown over at your websites private discord server. With streamers, YouTubers and players, both new and old all joining us. We are by no means against the 'official' SD discord, more an alternative.

Our community has grown to the point where we would like to do something to try and give back to all Steel Division players where we can. We started off with hosting tournaments, with several of the people who were independently setting up tournaments of their own getting on board with us to band resources together and now we would like to do a little more.

With that all being said, I would like to announce that we will now be expanding to offer mentoring for new players! It's safe to say that almost anyone you ask will agree that SD has a pretty high barrier to entry, and we would like to help players break through so that they can get the most out of their Steel Division experience.

How To:

Becoming a Mentor/Mentee:
Simply fill out this form - and/or
Join our discord - and/or
head over to our steam group -
And you're set!

You will find that people will always be around to answer any and all questions you have. All we ask is that you are polite, as we do expect a certain amount of decorum on our discord channel.

I hope this will help any new players wanting to get into the game!

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