today's observation

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today's observation

Postby korsarz » Wed 28 Aug 2019 22:37

I've just played a 5.panzer mirror vs. some ultra bad guy (win rate 15%) while I'm super bad with around 30%. Well, the guy clearly had no idea how to build a deck and started suiciding units from the very begininning - some trash infantry thrown straight into my mg42, tanks etc. He suicided all his air. Well, I was winning until late phase B when all of the sudden he spent all his points on tanks (Panthers/Marders) and threw this through my lines with an A move. After 1 hour I lost.

Conlusion - this game favours luck rather than anything else. Just zergrush your opponent or just A move with a mass of steel.

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Re: today's observation

Postby Mati1689 » Tue 24 Sep 2019 02:33

I agree with you... after some patches, they made the german tanks invincible... the game is totally broken right now. Even the stug III is stronger than the best of the t-34.

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Re: today's observation

Postby Tristan44 » Fri 27 Sep 2019 00:02

Lul.. wut? Hey Ko-nub, how about we play a game and u go ahead and A move your tanks into my lines. Lets see how that plays out.

Remember kids. the IS2 cannot be penetrated by anything greater than a Kingtiger and Pak43.

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